Christmas 2021: The mythical song Jingle Bells was not for Christmas Eve; find out what its origin is


We danced it in kindergarten, elementary school, and probably even high school, and we continue to play it every Christmas because “Jingle Bells“It is the quintessential song of these holidays, however, the original song never had a Christmas purpose.

Written between 1850 and 1857 by the American composer and arranger James Pierpont, “Jingle bells or The one horse open sleigh“(” Bells or A horse pulling the sleigh “), the initial name of this iconic song, He was talking about a horse drawn sleigh race.

How did “Jingle Bells” become a Christmas song?

The original “Jingle Bells” began to have relevance at this time thanks to the fact that was first performed at a Thanksgiving celebration.

Today, in the city of Savannah, Georgia, there is a plaque commemorating the composition of the song in a church where Pierpont was music director.

Initially “Jingle Bells” told how the trotting of a horse pulling the sleigh made bells ring. Later, in 1859, a modified song appeared, giving rise to the mythical Christmas carol.

To date it is not known who was the person who made the arrangements, but their contribution has endured to this day.

The transformation of “Jingle Bells”

Today, this Christmas carol has been adapted into many versions, including performances by Frank Sinatra, Andrea Bocelli, Michael Bublé, Tatiana, and even Moderato.

However, no one can deny that the version of “Jingle Bells Rock” from “Heavy Girls” has marked a before and after in the history of Christmas carol.

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