Amira Pocher reveals: that’s what her mom thought about Olli


Amira Pocher
Her mother initially had concerns about Oliver Pocher

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Amira and Oliver Pocher have been a couple since 2016. But the relationship did not have a good star from the start: Amira’s mother had her doubts about her future son-in-law.

Oliver, 43, and Amira Pocher, 29, are the dream couple in the German comedy world. The two once established contact via the dating app Tinder. “Amira and I would not have met otherwise,” admitted Oliver Pocher on his YouTube show “Let’s talk, girls.” The couple has been together for five years now, two sons crown their love. But not all family members of the TV people “Looked forward to a bright future. The blessing of Amira’s mom did not come to Olli at the first attempt,” said the presenter in her podcast “Hey Amira”.

Amira’s mother thought that Oliver Pocher was a fake profile

There she had her mom Mirjam as a guest. Her answer in the episode “How did your mom react to Olli?” may have unsettled the man at Amira’s side at first, because Mama Mirjam was initially enthusiastic about everything else about her daughter’s future. That had more to do with Olli’s celebrity status than with himself. Mirjam worried that someone was joking about the comedian’s profile.

“At first I was just worried that it was not real, but that someone was just posing for him,” said Mirjam. “Of course I’ve heard this and that from him before. More negative than positive,” she laughs. So Mirjam and her future son-in-law did not have any real starting problems after it became clear that the Tinder profile was actually Oliver Pocher. Amira’s mother also gets along well with the comedian’s humor. “I can counter,” said the Klagenfurt resident quick-witted.

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All’s well that ends well

Can Amira laugh at her lover’s gags too? The comedian always polarizes with his jokes and his open manner. Nevertheless, the comedian also has a large fan base – and that includes his wife. The 29-year-old is not particularly sensitive in this regard and can also make jokes about almost anything herself. Nevertheless, she also has her limits: Often she has difficulties with his species because he just doesn’t know when is enough. “You still have to go one better,” she tells her husband. Nevertheless, the couple always sticks together. Today the Pochers are happily married and live with their two children in Cologne.

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