“A dragon rules the world and trains are flying.” The strangest predictions from 2020 to 2022


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Thursday 23 December 2021

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As we approach the farewell to 2021 and welcome 2022, many around the world are following the predictions of the New Year, whether it is from the blind Bulgarian fortune-teller known as “Baba Vanga”, who is known to have a strange ability to describe things that they have not seen before, and she is the one who predicted the events of September 11 in the year 2001 and the tsunami that struck the Indian Ocean in 2004, or the famous French mine Nostradamus.

Baba Vanga, better known as the blind clairvoyant, is an old woman from Bulgaria who was born blind. Despite her death in 1997, she recorded her predictions until 2030.

In this report, Masrawy monitors the strangest predictions from 2020 to 2022, according to the British newspapers “Express” and “The Sun”.

– Predictions 2020

– chemical warfare

In 2020, Vanga predicted the outbreak of a chemical war on the European continent.

The collapse of the dollar

I also expected the collapse of the American currency “the dollar” due to the policies of the President of the United States of America, which I described as unwise.

Putin’s assassination

I also expected the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin, from inside the Kremlin.

2021 forecast

Baba Vanga expected these strange things to happen in 2021, as follows:

The end of Europe

The Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga predicted that the year 2021 would “bring an invasion of extremists” on Europe, and that the continent would face chemical attacks from “gauze invaders”, as the European continent would be in great danger that might reach the “end of its existence”, more specifically, one of those close to her said That “extremists will use chemical weapons against Europeans.”

sharp divisions in beliefs among people

Baba Vanga said: “Trouble times will come… people will be divided according to their faith… devastating events that will change the fate of humanity.”

Discover life on new planets

For the far future, she predicted, “life will be discovered on planets other than Earth, and it will become clear how life on Earth first appeared,” and in the next 200 years, people will communicate with their spiritual siblings from other worlds.

– The trains will fly

She also predicted that “trains” would fly using sunlight, and also predicted that the production of gasoline would stop and thus the stability of the Earth.

A dragon rules mankind

She said in her forecast for 2021: “A powerful dragon will take over humanity… The three giants will unite, I see numbers 100, 5 and many zeros, and people carry red coins.” Interpreters of Vanga’s predictions assumed that the “dragon” is the state of China that has become a great power, and the three giants may be Russia, India and China, and with regard to money, the banknotes of 100 yuan and 5,000 rubles have a red color.

Elimination of cancer

According to Vanga: “At the beginning of 2021 humanity will be rid of cancer, the day will come when cancer will be tied with iron chains.”

Other Nostradamus predictions for 2021

Resurrection zombie:

According to the Yearly Horoscope, 2021 could mark the rise of the “zombie”, and the site said that after analyzing texts from French meteorologists, next year could see the zombie apocalypse.

Nostradamus wrote: “Few young: half dead let’s begin,” which according to the Yearly Horoscope website means the appearance of zombies.

And the French astrologer and philosopher added: “Parents and mothers will die of innumerable sorrows, women in mourning, and the afflicted beast: the great will not remain, the whole world will end.”

-natural disasters:

Nostradamus predicted that 2021 will be the moment when climate change will reach a tipping point for humanity.

“We will see the water rise and the earth fall from under it,” he warned. Some have interpreted this to mean that climate change will finally become intolerable.

A major earthquake will strike California.

Nostradamus warned: “The sloping garden, great disaster, across the lands of the West and Lombardy, fire in the ship, and plague, and slavery, Mercury in Sagittarius, and Saturn fading.” Naturally, experts interpreted the “lands of the West” as California, an area prone to strong earthquakes. .

– Predictions 2022

According to Vanga, this may happen in 2022:

Virus threatens the world

According to the yearly-horoscope website, scientists will discover a virus that threatens the world in the glaciers in the western part of Russia, specifically in the Siberian region. Vanga said that the virus will be trapped and frozen, but due to global warming, it will spread in the earth, posing a serious threat to humanity.

Destructive weather

The fortune-teller predicted that the world might be exposed to natural disasters and severe weather, which would make human life impossible in some places due to hurricanes, fires, floods and earthquakes.

She added that the Scandinavian countries will be exposed to a very high temperature, and that the continent of Europe this year will be severely affected by floods, stressing that Australia will witness in 2022 continuous waves of fires.

– starvation

The fortune-teller also expected the spread of locusts in the world, and humanity would face poverty and hunger, and the land would be exposed to drought due to the global warming phenomenon that some countries are expected to be exposed to.


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