Yoon Seok-yeol “No need for the second office of the Blue House… What kind of world is the first lady”


People’s Power Presidential Candidate Yoon Seok-yeol said, “I have long thought that the second affiliated office of the Blue House was unnecessary.”

Candidate Yoon met with reporters after meeting with journalists in Jeonbuk today, the first day of the Honam schedule for 1 night and 2 days, and said, “The Blue House seems to have too many manpower.”

The second affiliated office of the Blue House is an organization that assists the president’s wife, and seems to have hinted at a major reorganization of the Blue House when he came to power.

Candidate Yoon said, “If there are too many manpower in the Blue House, it will be too much work, and then the cabinet will shrink.”

He added, “I plan to make a major reorganization in a way that leaves only enough people (at the Blue House) to assist the president, and communicate directly with the cabinet of administrative ministries to handle matters.”

In an interview with the Dong-A Ilbo that day, he said, “Let’s not use the word first lady.”

In relation to this, when asked if his spouse Kim Kun-hee would not appear in the presidential election, candidate Yoon said, “I don’t have much to say about my wife,” and said, “What kind of world is it now? In the beginning, it was also called ‘national mother’.”

He continued, “If I just say ‘Mr. Nugu’ or a little respect, it should end with the word ‘Masame’, which is used to honor women.

I had a negative outlook on the possibility of Lee Jun-seok, who resigned from his position as the permanent election chairman after a feud with Cho Su-jin and the election committee, about the possibility of returning to the former senior committee.

Candidate Yoon said, “I’ve been saying that since yesterday, and as a politician, it will not be easy to overturn that decision.” So I said, ‘I know’.”

He said, “I also apologized deeply to Director Jo Su-jin and told him not to do it directly, so I delivered it (indirectly).” He said, “CEO Lee seems to need time. We will work together so that we can handle important duties well.”

(Photo = Yonhap News)


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