Yoo Dong-gyu denies the allegations… Deaths of ‘Yoo Dong-gyu Line’


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As two former and current officials of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, who were investigated by the prosecution in connection with the suspicion of preferential treatment for development in Daejang-dong, died one after another, various speculations and interpretations are emerging about their deaths. This is because they have relatively light allegations compared to those involved in the other cases, and both of them are classified as ‘Yoo Dong-gyu’s line’. He has already been arrested and is on trial. Yoo Dong-gyu, former head of planning department at Seongnam Urban Development Corporationis denying his allegations. Kim Moon-gi, head of the development department of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, who was found dead on the 21st, was in charge of the development of Daejang-dong until the beginning of this year. Prosecutors investigated him four times, but said, “It was just a witness investigation.” However, on the day of his death, Director Kim was referred to the Personnel Committee of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation in relation to the Daejang-dong incident and received severe disciplinary action. Combining the explanations of the police and the construction company on the 22nd, the construction was sent to Director Kim around 11 am on the 21st. Notification of disciplinary matterssaid to have done On September 25, after the suspicion of Daejang-dong was raised, the reason for disciplinary action was to show internal data such as the evaluation score of a private business to lawyer Jeong Min-yong, who was a former head of the strategic investment team of the corporation but is now a civilian. Attorney Jung was indicted on the 21st without detention on charges of damaging the construction by designing a business structure to return profits to private businesses along with former general manager Yoo Dong-gyu and Hwacheon Daeyu major shareholder Kim Man-bae. Director Kim received a disciplinary notice in the morning of the same day when he was found dead, and it seems that he heard about the prosecution of lawyer Jeong in the afternoon. Earlier, on the 10th, Yu Yuhan-ki, former head of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation’s development business division, who had been requested for an arrest warrant for receiving bribes related to the Daejang-dong development project, was found dead near his home.
Jung Min-yong, Kim Moon-ki, and Yu Han-kihas been implicated in the deletion of the provision for recovering excess profits from the private sector, which is the backbone of Daejang-dong development preferential treatment. Jung Min-yong is classified as ‘Dong-gyu Yoo’s separate college’, and Moon-ki Kim and Han-ki Yu are classified as ‘close associates of Dong-gyu Yoo’. At the time of writing the Daejang-dong development project agreement in May 2015, Director Kim was the leader of the development project team 1, and it is reported that he was instructed to delete the excess profit recovery clause from Attorney Jeong, who moved as a separate building at the time. Director Kim was a senior lawyer by rank, and former general manager Yuhan-gi was Kim’s direct superior. At the time of selecting the Daejang-dong business operator, Yu Yuhan-ki, Kim Moon-ki, and Jeong Min-yong were all judges, and former general manager Dong-gyu Dong was acting as the president’s representative. In August 2014, former head Yu Yu-gi received 200 million won from lawyer Nam Wook (owner of Cheonhwa-dongin No. 4, detained) who led the Daejang-dong development project, and accountant Jeong Young-hak (owner of Cheonhwa-dongin No. 5, indicted without detention), etc. was suspected of having There are also suspicions that in February 2015, Hwang Moo-seong, then president of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, mentioned Lee Jae-myung, then Seongnam Mayor, and Jeong Jin-sang, head of Seongnam City’s policy office, and pressed him to resign. Prosecutors are questioning whether the business structure has been twisted, such as the resignation of former president Hwang, who was under pressure, and Yoo Dong-gyu, the former general manager, taking over as acting president, and deleting the provision for recovering excess profits. However, as a close aide to former general manager Yoo Dong-gyu, the death of two people pointed to as a link to see if Seongnam city intervened, the arrest warrant of Kwak Sang-do, a former member of the People’s Power, who was confident of proving the ‘5 billion won club’ charge, was dismissed, and the political The prosecution’s investigation seems to be rapidly losing its momentum due to the special prosecutor’s request. By Son Hyeon-su and Lee Jung-ha, staff reporters [email protected]


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