WHO “Omicron, reported from 106 countries… The overall risk is very high”


The World Health Organization (WHO) diagnosed that Omicron, a new mutation of COVID-19, has been reported in more than 100 countries, and the risk of this mutation is very high considering the rate of spread.

According to the WHO weekly epidemiologic report on the 22nd, as of 2 pm the previous day, omicron mutations were reported in 106 countries.

Globally, the dominant species is still delta mutations, but recent data show that omicron mutations spread more rapidly than delta mutations, the WHO said.

Although data on the clinical severity of the omicron mutation are still scarce, the WHO said, the rapid rise in infections and hospitalizations in South Africa and the UK, where the mutation is prevalent, raises the potential for medical systems to be overwhelmed.

In addition, the WHO said that the evidence available so far shows a reduced neutralizing response to omicron mutations in primary vaccinated and recovering individuals.

“The overall risk associated with omicron mutations remains very high,” the WHO said.


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