Who are the 25 ‘Certified Professional Prosecutors’ certified by the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office? ‘First-class black belt’ is 1 person


Prosecutor’s flag in front of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office in Seocho-dong, Seoul. File photo

25 prosecutors with high professionalism in the investigation of violent crimes, sexual violence and child abuse were certified as certified professional prosecutors. The Supreme Prosecutor’s Office announced on the 22nd that it had certified 1 class 1 and 24 class 2 certified public prosecutors through the 9th ‘Certified Professional Inspector Certification Review Committee’ held on the 17th. The accreditation review committee is composed of the chairperson, Seong-yoon Lee, the chief of the Seoul High Prosecutors’ Office, and eight members. As the first-class certified professional prosecutor (black belt), Cheon Ki-hong (51, 32nd class of the Judicial Research and Training Institute) was selected as the head of the anti-corruption and strong investigation cooperation department of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office. Prosecutor Chun has 12 years of professional experience, including the head of the Organized Crime Division of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office and the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office, and has experience in investigating a number of exclusive cases such as the ‘3rd-generation organized gangster case’ and the ‘Gimje garlic field case’. Prosecutor Chun explained that he was recognized for his consistent efforts to develop his professionalism even after he obtained the second-level accredited certification test (blue belt) in the strong field in 2013. Among the 12 applicants, the accreditation committee selected Prosecutor Chun by unanimous opinion. 24 out of 98 applicants were selected as the second-class certified professional prosecutor. In the field of violence, Lee Hwan-woo (44, 39th class of the Judicial Research and Training Institute), who investigated a number of violent crimes such as the ‘Jeju ex-husband murder case’, and Kim Jeong-hwa (42, judicial The 37th training institute), the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office, etc. were selected. In the field of trial, Prosecutor Oh Mi-kyung (43, Judicial Research and Training Institute, 35th class), Seoul Central Prosecutor’s Office, Jo Ara (38, 38th class of Judicial Research and Training Institute), Daejeon District Prosecutor’s Office prosecutors were selected. The certified professional prosecutor is a qualification awarded to prosecutors with expertise in various fields, and was introduced in 2013 to foster professional prosecutors. In the case of Level 1, only prosecutors with blue belts can apply, and they are certified by prosecutors with the highest level of expertise based on internal and external evaluations such as professional experience and service evaluation. When selecting the 2nd level, they will be judged based on the degree of possessing sufficient professional knowledge and practical experience in the specialized field, such as professional case handling performance, excellent investigation cases, and academic performance. An official from the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office said, “The prosecution will continue to strive to become a public prosecutor’s office trusted by the public by improving the professionalism of the public prosecutors through continuous discovery and support of certified professional prosecutors.” By Jeon Kwang-jun, staff reporter [email protected]


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