What kind of ‘divorce’ in search terms related to Pak Se-ri? “Have you ever worn a wedding dress?”


Former golf player Se-ri Pak explained the divorce rumors out of the blue.

Former golf player Se-ri Park appeared on the KBS2 entertainment program ‘The Problem Son in the Rooftop Room’, which was broadcast on the 21st. On this day’s broadcast, Se-ri Pak had time to explain, saying, “If you search for me on the portal site, ‘Se-ri Pak divorce’ will appear in the related search terms.”

Se-ri Park explained, “I thought about why, and I stood as a model for the late Andre Kim’s fashion show a few times. I wore a wedding dress at that time, so I think I misunderstood those photos when I saw the photo.” Then, he joked, “If I went to the ceremony, it would be less embarrassing,” making everyone laugh.

Also, when asked about her last relationship, Se-ri Pak replied, “It’s been a long time, so I don’t remember well.” “I think my last relationship was about 5 years ago, right before I retired. I always had a boyfriend when I was a player.” He also revealed his view of love, saying, “Among my boyfriends, there were Korean-Americans in the United States, and there were also Koreans. They both like to spend time together, so they prefer long-distance relationships.”

Se-ri Park said, “I liked the way he grew old handsomely,” adding that “a person who is like a friend. Someone who has a job for himself” as his ideal type and said that actor Jung Woo-sung is his ideal type in the past. Still, he added, “I don’t have time to be lonely. I don’t want to get married because I don’t like being arrested.”

(Photo = KBS2 ‘Problem Son in the Rooftop Room’ broadcast screen capture)

(SBS Substar)

(SBS Entertainment News editor Jina-yoon)


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