Two weeks before the implementation of the ‘6 month deadline’ quarantine pass… “I don’t know, I’m confused”


The quarantine pass we are currently using has an expiration date. The 3rd dose must be administered before 6 months have passed since the 2nd dose in order to continue using the quarantine pass. Implementation is two weeks away, and there are still quite a few people who are still confused about the related content.

This is reporter Yoo Soo-hwan.

The validity period of the quarantine pass of ‘6 months’ will be applied from January 3, next year.

Those who have received the second dose since early July are the first to apply.

Among these, those who have not received the third dose cannot use public facilities such as restaurants or cafes.

Failure to do so will result in a 10-day suspension of business with a fine of KRW 100,000 for users and KRW 1.5 million for negligence.

[고진원/서울 양천구 : 아니요, 몰랐어요. 유효기간 같은 것은 딱히 몰랐고, (2차까지) 맞으면 끝이다. 그렇게 알고 있었어요.]

The interval between the 2nd and 3rd vaccinations, which is at least 3 months, is often mistakenly mistaken for the validity period of the quarantine pass.

[A 씨/서울 양천구 : (2차 백신 맞고 6개월 지나면…) 그런데, 그게 3개월로 단축된 것 아니에요?]

The quarantine authorities will send out three notification messages 14 days before the expiration date, 7 days before, and one day before the expiration date.

If the validity period has expired, an expiration mark will appear in the vaccination app ‘Cube’.

However, the exact display method has not been confirmed even two weeks in advance.

The self-employed are concerned.

[손대한/식당 주인 : 장사하다가 바쁘다 보면 (방역패스 유효기간 초과를) 캐치(잡지) 못하고 과태료를 받게 되면 억울하지 않을까….]

Small business owners and self-employed people point out that the system needs to be improved so that it is easier to check the validity of the quarantine pass as well as whether the vaccine is vaccinated.

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