The woman’s little wonder weapon


Waistline pants
The woman’s little wonder weapon

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Do you feel sexy with your curves but sometimes wish you could hide them? This is exactly what you can do with belly trousers – and the best part: nobody needs to know.

Enjoying life to the fullest also includes drinking and eating whatever you feel like or hungry for yourself. On public holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Easter, it can therefore be a little more – after all, you only live once. Small bacon rolls or not, because they are part of the feast.

If you want to put your hot curves in the limelight, belly pants, also known as belly panties or shapewear, are just the thing for you. They are fashionable and conceal – and for many people it is hard to imagine everyday life without them. Angelina Kirsch, Ashley Graham, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are just a few of the many stars who skillfully use the little wonder weapon.
The trousers are a real fashion must-have that comes in many different shapes and colors and is also used by thin women to look a little slimmer.

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Belly pants: what exactly does she do?

the elastic waist pants ensure the perfect shape effect and support your stomach, waist, hips and buttocks – including sexy apple buttocks. However, several parts of the body can benefit from the pants, it all depends on the waist pants. The pants can also have a slight push-up effect. You should in any case do not squeeze or squeeze and do not curl up on your stomach, but rather shape your body into a narrower, more even silhouette. The best: the pants adapt to your body.

In this way, your supposed problem areas are comfortably cheated away and your sexy curves are tightened and thus skilfully staged – and all without fitness. So that exactly this effect occurs, it is important that the waist trousers consist of solid material, lie close to the skin and at the same time do not sit too loosely. The trousers should not attract attention under any circumstances, so it is best to use nude waist trousers instead of black and it is best to avoid appliqués, seams and buttons.
For health reasons, however, you should by no means choose a smaller size – on the contrary, it is better to go one size larger and do not wear the pants every day.

For a good feeling on the skin

Shapewear mostly consists of high quality Spandex, nylon and polyester – and that’s a good thing, because the mix ensures strong compression and high elasticity of the underwear. The materials are flexible and durable.
Perfect for a comfortable fit without having to worry about the last or next meals. Including more self-confidence!

How do I combine tummy trousers?

  • Tight clothes can be great with one Waistline pants can be combined so that you can make your curves even more beautiful.
  • Overalls are also happy about the tummy trousers, so that the garment continues to lie casually on the skin. Shaping bodysuits or shirts for underneath also help here, so your waist appears narrower and your curves come out really well.
  • Low-cut dresses and band necklines can be combined with tummy trousers. You can also choose a shaping undergarment that leaves out the chest area.
  • Pencil skirts also look great with seamless tummy tucks and the like, including sexy curves.
  • Also under pants there is still space for abdominal panties (with and without push-up effect). This means that almost every pair of trousers fits, even tight-fitting skinny jeans.
  • Under Wedding dresses tummy trousers can be used perfectly without anyone knowing, let alone seeing. This will effortlessly tone your figure.

Where can I get tummy trousers?

The tummy tucks are now available in dozens of shops. Everyone will find what they are looking for with this shapewear, because it is available in different variations and colors. Some models are very simple so that they can be worn under thin clothes, trousers and the like, while others are stylish with lace and decorations. Be it tummy trousers in the form of briefs or hot pants, every underwear has its advantages, so support Abdominal pants also the thighs.

Everyone can wear shapewear. You are free to decide how much you want to emphasize and tighten your beautiful, feminine curves. There should be no annoying side seams on the abdominal trousers and no marks under tighter clothing.

More shapewear that inspires

Concealing your supposed problem areas doesn’t just work Waistline pants, but also with one firming petticoat, Slip, dress, Top, Hose or one corrective body with pre-formed cups. They all have a shape effect that is seductively sexy.

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