The best tips for the Christmas tree


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The best tips for the Christmas tree

A festive tree should not be missing for many at Christmas.

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A decorated fir tree is an absolute must for many at Christmas. However, a lot can go wrong when setting up and decorating.

A decorated tree is essential for many at Christmas. With fairy lights and Co. he creates a nice atmosphere – but only if nothing goes wrong. Because a playful cat or a wobbly fir tree can ruin the contemplative party in a few minutes. So that there are no unpleasant incidents: Here are the best tips for everything to do with the Christmas tree.

It all depends on the right place

To keep the Christmas tree fresh, it should not be exposed to dry room air. The natural Christmas tree association therefore recommendsnot to place the fir or spruce directly in front of or next to a heater. Direct sunlight also leads to faster drying out. If you have underfloor heating, you should place the tree on a small pedestal. Regular ventilation also keeps it fresher longer.

Christmas tree stand

If you use a Christmas tree stand, you should never sharpen the trunk. Due to the reduced diameter, the water supply is poor and the tree dries out faster. Cutting off two or three centimeters of the trunk is enough – the fresh cut ensures that the tree can better absorb the water. When buying a Christmas tree stand, the maximum diameter must be taken into account. The tree trunk should be a little smaller, this is the only way to ensure a safe stand. A water reservoir is also an advantage, so the tree stays fresh longer.

Be careful with the decoration

If you use real candles for the Christmas tree decoration, you should always make sure there is enough space. It is best to place the candles as far out as possible on the branches so that the ones above do not catch fire. Never leave the candles burning unattended and always have a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher ready in the event of a fire. Fairy lights are safer than real candles, but they also harbor dangers. Only buy chains that have been provided with safety stickers – for example the GS seal of the TÜV or a CE mark. These ensure that the manufacturer has complied with the applicable EU directives.

If a bulb in the chain of lights is broken, it must be replaced immediately. Because the tension is distributed among the rest, which can lead to intense heat. Dry needles could catch fire. LED fairy lights are safer because a transformer regulates the voltage from 230 volts to around 12 to 14 volts. This means that the lamps are less hot and there is no risk of electric shocks.

So that the cat stays away

Cat owners need to keep an eye on their pets at this time of year. Because the house tigers like to climb up the trees. Therefore, it is best to use a stable and heavy Christmas tree stand that can withstand a climb. When setting up it is important to ensure that the tree is free. The four-legged friends cannot use any furniture to jump.

Important: Cats are not allowed to drink the water in the stand. Because fir trees give off substances that are slightly toxic to four-legged friends. Therefore it is best to cover it or buy a stand with a closed water tank. Balls, tinsel and the like should also be hung out of reach. It is best to mix a few drops of citrus oil with water and spray the tree with it – cats find the smell annoying.


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