[STUDIO BLACK] Part 1 Yi Sun-sin Longsword: Why isn’t Yi Sun-sin’s Longsword a National Treasure?


Today is the day that Admiral Yi Sun-sin, who led the Imjin War to victory, was brutally killed by the enemy in the Battle of Noryang.

Did you know that there is still a pair of long swords that reflect the general’s splendid will to protect the country? Chungmugong always had this sword by his side when he made up his mind before battle.

The SBS Digital Exploration and Reporting Department visited the Hyeonchungsa storage and recorded the current state of the Chungmugong longsword in a video. The name of the sword engraved on the long sword touches the hearts of those who see it, and while the literature materials such as Admiral Yi Sun-sin’s Nanjung Diary were designated as national treasures early on, the sword, the symbol of the general, is missing from the list of national treasures for some reason.

The descendants of the Deoksu Lee clan submitted an application for promotion as a national treasure to the Cultural Heritage Administration, saying that even now, the value of the sword will be properly evaluated. Now, let’s look at the judgment of the cultural heritage authorities.


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