Seo-won Choi, “Please return the confiscated tablet PC”


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Seo-Won Choi. data photo

Choi Seo-won (former Choi Soon-sil), who was serving a sentence of 18 years in prison for the National Nongdan case, filed an injunction with the court to return two of his tablet PCs confiscated during the investigation. On the afternoon of the 22nd, the Civil Settlement Division 51 of the Seoul Central District Court (Presiding Judge Koh Hong-seok) held an interrogation period for Choi’s case of ‘application for injunction, such as transfer, alteration, or disposal of possession of liquid movables’ against the state. Choi’s request is to prevent him from handing over his tablet PC to someone else, fixing it, or making it unusable. The trial ended in about 10 minutes due to circumstances such as the selection of a litigation executor by the state and the late arrival of the litigation documents. The court decided to reopen the trial on the afternoon of the 29th. There are two tablet PCs that Choi is demanding for return: one that a reporter (JTBC) submitted voluntarily to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office, and one that Choi’s nephew Jang Si-ho submitted to the special prosecutor Park Young-soo through his lawyer. Choi’s side asserts, “After the investigation and trial of the National Nongdan case have been completed, the seizure of tablet PCs should be lifted in accordance with Article 332 of the Criminal Procedure Act.” The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office has rejected Choi’s request for return. An official of the Central District Prosecutors’ Office said in a phone call that day, “During the trial, Mr. Choi was not judged to be the legal owner of the tablet PC, so he refused.” The special prosecutor’s side is currently withholding the return of the special prosecutor because it is vacant. Because there is no decision maker. Special Prosecutor Park Young-soo resigned in July when allegations of borrowing a luxury imported car from Mr. Kim (43), a ‘fake fisherman’, were raised. Reporter Choi Min-young and Son Hyeon-soo [email protected]

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