Season two starts in January


“Binge Reloaded”
Season two starts in January

“Binge Reloaded”: Season two starts in January.


“Binge Reloaded” is celebrating its comeback on Amazon Prime Video in January with new episodes. Comedian Ilka Bessin is one of them.

The streaming service Amazon Prime Video has announced season two of “Binge Reloaded” for the beginning of the year. The Amazon original can therefore be seen from January 14th. In the new episodes, the protagonists slip into the roles of “different personalities in media real time”.

In short, sketch-like clips in the parody and comedy show, the German TV evening is to be poked fun at – “with recourse to elements of well-known events from film, television and streaming”. The first season of the format started in December 2020. There were eight episodes of the follow-up program to “Switch reloaded” at the time.

Ilka Bessin is part of the second season

According to the announcement, the cast of the second season “Binge Reloaded” includes Michael Kessler (54), Martin Klempnow (48), Jan van Weyde (42), Jasmin Schwiers (39), Antonia von Romatowski (45), Christian Schiffer (36) , Joyce Ilg (38) and Paul Sedlmeir (40). In addition, the comedian Ilka Bessin (50) will be seen in guest roles, said the streaming service.

The new episodes apparently parody ex-Chancellor Angela Merkel (67), the Kaulitz brothers Tom and Bill (32), Günther Jauch’s (65) quiz show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” or “The Bachelorette”. Horst Lichters (59) shows “Bares for Rares”, “Love Island”, the jungle camp with Daniel Hartwich (43) and Sonja Zietlow (53) or the successful Netflix series “Bridgerton” get their fat off.


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