SBS, today’s 60-minute exclusive interview with Lee Jae-myung, presidential candidate, will be broadcast live.


SBS’s ‘News Briefing of Joo Young-jin’ has an exclusive live interview with Lee Jae-myung, the Democratic Party presidential candidate this afternoon.

SBS conducts a 60-minute in-depth interview with Democratic presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung at the ‘News Briefing of Joo Young-jin’, which starts at 2 pm today.

The interview will be conducted by SBS anchor Joo Young-jin.

In today’s interview, presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung will have time to submit his application for presidential candidate in front of the public, including his career, qualifications, hobbies, and motto, and have it verified.

In addition, a time will be prepared to explain the key promises of Candidate Jae-myung Lee, such as economic policy, climate energy policy, quarantine and loss compensation policy, etc.

In particular, an ‘Issue Talk’ was held to ask about the death of Kim Moon-ki, the first director of the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation development project, who was in charge of the Daejang-dong project, and various pending issues such as the Daejang-dong special prosecutor, real estate policy, and suspicion of the candidate’s family. will be noticed.

There will also be a ‘viewer pressure question’ corner where the anchor asks questions from viewers in advance through the YouTube community and a ‘human person who sees through photos’ corner.

The SBS presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung interview can be watched in real time through a news briefing by Joo Young-jin on SBS TV at 2 pm and SBS YouTube Live.

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