[Pick] A 20-year-old who sexually assaulted a disabled minor and claimed “I am also intellectually disabled”… 6 years in prison


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A 20-year-old man who forcibly suppressed and sexually subdued a teenage girl with intellectual disability and claimed to be mentally and physically weak was sentenced to imprisonment.

Yesterday (21st), Part 11 of the Criminal Agreement of the Uijeongbu District Court sentenced a 20-year-old man accused of violating the Act on Special Cases concerning the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes (rape, etc.) to 6 years in prison.

He also ordered 40 hours of sexual violence treatment program completion and 10 years of employment restrictions at child and youth-related organizations and welfare facilities for the disabled.

In March, Mr. A was charged with luring Ms. B with an intellectual disability to her house and forcing her to have sex with Ms. B.

Mr. A called Ms. B home, saying, “Your parents are at home.”

Ms. B came into the house safely, but, contrary to expectations, her parents were not at her house, and Ms. A locked the door and suppressed B and forced sex.

In the process, Miss B is known to have strongly resisted saying “I don’t like it.”

Upon learning of this fact, both families of B sued A, and A was investigated by the police and handed over to trial.

In the courtroom, Mr. A claimed mental and physical weakness. Person A’s side said, “At the time of the crime, he was in a state of weakness due to intellectual disability.”

However, the court said, “While it is acknowledged that the accused had intellectual disability, looking at the motive, means and method of the crime, and actions before and after the crime, it cannot be regarded as a state of being weak in decision-making ability or discriminating objects due to intellectual disability.” A’s claim was not accepted.

The court pointed out, “The accused committed a crime by luring the victim, a minor with a disability, to his home, using considerable tangible power and suppressing it,” the court said.

He continued, “The sentence was decided in consideration of the various conditions of sentencing, such as the fact that the victim is unable to get out of the shock and is pleading for severe punishment against the accused.”

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