[Pick] 20-year-old jailed for posting new information on internet after losing contact with prostitutes


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A man in his 20s who disclosed his identity on an Internet site because a woman he met at a prostitution was not contacted was sentenced to prison in the first trial.

According to the court today (the 22nd), the 23rd independent criminal judge (Judge Lee Kwang-yeol) of the Seoul Central District Court sentenced 29-year-old Mo Park, who was indicted on charges of violating the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection (Defamation), etc. sentenced.

Park stayed in touch with a victim A, whom she met at a prostitution in March 2019. After that, when Mr. A blocked KakaoTalk without responding to his messages or calls, he was handed over to trial for posting his personal information on a famous internet site.

It was investigated that Park spread A’s stage name, real name, mobile phone number, home address, and place of work on the Internet.

Prior to posting personal information, Mr. Park repeatedly sent content that caused fear or anxiety, such as ‘Are you not prepared to this extent’, ‘Apologize’, ‘I did nothing wrong’, along with abusive language to Mr. known.

Even after being handed over to trial, it was confirmed that Park sent a text message to A asking for an apology.

The court said, “The victim is experiencing considerable psychological pain, such as shame, anxiety, and fear.” “Nevertheless, the accused blames the victim for being hurt by the victim. I did.

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