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A startup mecca university that ranks first in the nation in the ratio of startup education
Under the slogan of ‘a university leading the future through creative innovation’, Konkuk University, which is making a new 100 years, has been pushing ahead with major educational innovations in line with the era of the 4th industrial revolution. Curriculum and educational infrastructure innovation were achieved by operating the university innovation support project supported by the Ministry of Education and the National Research Foundation of Korea, the LINC+ (Leading University for Industry-University Cooperation Tailored to Society) fostering project, and the software-oriented university project. Konkuk University is rapidly emerging as a startup-oriented university that leads student startups and is growing into Korea’s MIT. In the recent JoongAng Ilbo University Evaluation, Korea University ranked first in the ratio of start-up education in the index, and the number of student entrepreneurs continued to increase, ranking fourth among universities in Seoul. Konkuk University operates preliminary start-up packages, initial start-up packages, practical start-up education, and campus CEO training projects. In particular, we are actively supporting the expansion of the creative infrastructure where current students can realize their dreams and capabilities, such as the newly created ‘KU Startup Zone’, a large-scale student start-up space through the University Innovation Support Project.

State-of-the-art new concept learning space in preparation for the post-corona era
Konkuk University is spurring the creation of a learning space where creative learning and autonomous discussion are possible. Following the construction of the ‘KU All-Line Hub’, a state-of-the-art hybrid classroom in March of this year, in September, the ‘KU Creative Hub’ was established in three colleges: the College of Architecture, the College of Business, and the College of Science. The KU All-Line Hub is a classroom with automatic recording and real-time online classes. Electronic blackboards, instructor cameras, monitors, recorders, and AV devices are installed, so students can attend and teach face-to-face lectures in a new time to come after overcoming COVID-19, while simultaneously streaming online in real time. The KU Creative Hub is a connected learning space where students can take online lectures and lead to self-study at the KU All-Line Hub. It is characterized by introducing state-of-the-art devices such as touch-type displays and, in particular, installing a live broadcast recording system in the internal conference room so that students can freely create media content for one person. Through learning and discussion here, we will strive to nurture creative talents.

Paths created by students themselves, the dream semester system and self-designed majors
Konkuk University operates educational courses such as the dream semester system and self-designed majors through the university innovation support project. In the Dream Semester System, students directly propose creative activity assignments, perform projects, and receive credits during one of the eight semesters, and through this, they can find a career path. ▶Startup-linked ▶Creative-linked (culture and art) ▶Social problem-solving type ▶Knowledge-exploring type ▶Other autonomous types Unlimited self-directed activity tasks can be designed. The self-designed major program is an educational system in which a new convergence major curriculum is directly designed according to one’s career path in addition to the main major, and it is opened as a regular curriculum to obtain credits and be recognized as multiple majors. For example, a student who wants to complete a cognitive science-related field as a self-design major can set the name of the design major to ‘Cognitive Science’ and configure related majors such as psychology, philosophy, and life sciences as linked majors. Konkuk University expands the self-design major program to remove barriers between departments and to nurture active and creative professionals.

■ On-time support strategy

Konkuk University on-time admission information for the 2022 academic year

Konkuk University on-time admission information for the 2022 academic year

Konkuk University is recruiting 1,359 students from the on-time recruitment for the 2022 academic year this year. The number of recruits increased significantly from 1,911 last year to 517 in the family group, 718 in the middle group, and 124 in the multigroup. This year’s admission method has been changed to combine 60% of the SAT + 40% of practical skills in the Physical Education Department and Music Education Department of the College of Education. In addition, there are no restrictions on elective subjects in the humanities department, but there are restrictions on the subjects required for the CSAT in the natural sciences department. For mathematics, you must choose either calculus or geometry. As for the elective subjects for inquiry, the humanities department must take 2 subjects without distinction between social studies and science, and the natural science subjects must take 2 science subjects. Second foreign language and Chinese characters are not recognized as research subjects. The converted score for each English grade level was 200 points for grades 1 and 2 in the case of nature and physical education until last year, but this year it was changed to 200 points for grade 1 and 198 points for grade 2. Humanities and natural sciences will reflect the same 100% of the CSAT as in the previous year. Each college is divided into Humanities I/II and Natural Sciences I/II, with different reflection ratios for each subject. In the case of arts and physical education, Korean 50% + math or inquiry (2 subjects) 30% + English 15% + Korean history 5%, the same as last year.

■ Passing tips from Konkuk University seniors
“Let’s make good use of the characteristics of Ga, Me, and Multi-kun”

photo provided by myself

photo provided by myself

Taeyoon Um (Department of Smart ICT Convergence Engineering 1)

Q. Why did you apply to our university on time last year?
I liked the mock test questions that required reasoning and thought more freely than the hard, memorizing questions. Also, I thought the regular screening, which was neatly evaluated through a single test, would be a better fit for me than the regular screening, where I had to pay attention to reading, volunteering, and overall awards in addition to my subject grades. While studying for the SAT, I thought that I wanted to learn about artificial intelligence properly, so I chose Konkuk University’s Smart ICT Convergence Engineering Department.

Q. If you have your own application strategy and secret to success, please introduce yourself.
First of all, while preparing for the SAT, I tried to maintain a regular sleep even on days when I didn’t study. When my sleeping habit started to break, it was hard because I couldn’t concentrate well until I corrected it. Also, while studying, subjects I like and subjects I don’t like are divided, which naturally skews the time allocation. So, I consciously tried to study all subjects evenly throughout the day. When writing the application, if you know the characteristics of Ga, Me, and Da-kun well, it can be used as an advantage. I applied to Konkuk University in a multi-country and got accepted, but the strategy of pursuing stability in anticipation that the preliminary turn would be more than other groups worked even if I did not pass the first time due to the nature of the multi-country.

Q. I’m curious about what the students applying for the regular exam should know.
Just because the SAT is over and the grades are out, doesn’t mean the on-time is over. Depending on how you find and support information, your results can vary widely. Therefore, I hope that you do not despair too much just because your SAT scores are low, and that you find a department to which you can apply. After the entrance exam, free admission information sessions are held in the metropolitan area or nearby provinces, so it would be helpful to visit them. It is not easy to analyze all schools’ SAT reflection ratios and application strategies, so I think this is a valuable opportunity to hear the opinions of experts.

Q. Do you have any last words for prospective juniors preparing to enter our university?
It was a pity that the social situation of Corona 19 limited my university life, but I think there were definitely valuable moments that I experienced as a Konkuk University student over the past year. We hope that all incoming freshmen next year will enjoy a more fun and active campus life. We support all of you who start a new life with Konkuk University!

Lee Eun-joo, reporter for MODU magazine [email protected]


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