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A university where you can learn to your heart’s content and dream to your heart’s content
Kyung Hee University, where students dream of a better future and develop imagination, creativity, and practical skills, presents a new model of academic listing in which students and professors learn and grow together. Kyung Hee University, which was selected one after another for the social-tailored industry-university cooperation leading university fostering project (LINC+), university innovation support project, SW-centered university project, campus town development project, and the 4th phase BK21 project, provides students with enhanced software education and convergence and socially tailored provide education. In particular, this year, it was ranked 29th in the ‘2021 THE Asian University Rankings’ announced by Times Higher Education, a British university evaluation institution, and 5th in Korea. In the internationalization sector, it ranked first in the country for three consecutive years, and in 2021, according to the University Information Disclosure, it ranked first in the nation in terms of the amount of campus scholarships, increasing student satisfaction. In such an environment, Kyunghee University students set their own tasks through independent research, independent in-depth study, and transition21, designing the future together with their advisors, and laying a foothold to grow as global citizens.

New high-tech department to foster human-centered AI talent
Kyung Hee University will establish cutting-edge departments such as Big Data Applied Department of Business School, Smart Farm Science Department of Life Science College, and Artificial Intelligence Department of Computer Engineering Department of Software Convergence College to nurture artificial intelligence talents based on human-centered humanitas spirit. The Department of Big Data Application is a department that teaches both artificial intelligence and business administration. Database, machine learning, network science, and brain science theories are strengthened and applied to cutting-edge fields such as manufacturing, finance, e-commerce, education, medical care, and metaverse to enable management and entrepreneurship after graduation. The Department of Smart Farm Science intends to lead the future smart agriculture by convergence of the horticultural biotechnology field of the existing Horticultural Biotechnology Department with the smart farm field. Students can learn about 20 subjects related to crop physiology and pathology, genetics and breeding, and majors in ICT such as sensor control systems, artificial intelligence-based modeling, and big data analysis of growing environments. In addition, the Department of Artificial Intelligence, which will be newly opened in the academic year of 2022, allows students to study computer engineering knowledge and accumulate knowledge and practical experience in the AI ​​field through various practical education programs. As a result, they will develop a human-centered ethical awareness and become experts who can apply AI technology to society.

Reorganization of the 6-year system in the Department of Pharmacy, leading a new industry in regulatory science
Kyung Hee University’s Department of Pharmacy will reorganize the academic system from the 2022 academic year to a six-year system to further strengthen systematic theoretical and clinical education. Through this, the goal is to train pharmacists who will lead the improvement of public health and the development of basic pharmaceutical science. In particular, Kyung Hee University was recently selected as the first research institute in Korea to conduct a pharmaceutical efficacy evaluation in the regulatory science talent nurturing project promoted by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, making it possible to complete regulatory science-related education courses. Therefore, it will cover traditional herbal medicine and big data-based clinical and social pharmacology required in the era of the 4th industrial revolution. In addition, Kyung Hee University provides various scholarships to students of the newly established Department of Advanced Technology and Pharmacy. The ‘Advanced Talent Scholarship’ provides full tuition for the 8th semester to final registrants who meet the criteria. The ‘Pharmaceutical Talent Scholarship’ is given to students who have paid the full tuition for the 12th semester, and who have met the first grade criteria for the SAT math grade 1, science research (chemistry) and science research (life science) 2 subjects, among the final registrants.

■ On-time support strategy

Kyung Hee University on-time admission information for the 2022 academic year

Kyung Hee University on-time admission information for the 2022 academic year

Kyung Hee University selects a total of 2,240 students from the on-time admissions for the 2022 academic year, including 2007 for the SAT-based screening and 233 for the practical exam. The number of regular admissions increased by 692 compared to last year. It should be noted that there is a significant change compared to last year in Kyunghee University’s on-time recruitment system. First, the number of recruits was increased according to the new department and the change of department. The Department of Big Data Applied Sciences is recruiting 13 students, the Department of Artificial Intelligence (17), and the Department of Smart Farm Science (20), so if you are interested in the cutting-edge department, it is worth applying. The Department of Pharmacy, which has been reorganized into a six-year system, selects a total of 16 students (12 general admissions, 4 randomly selected students). In addition, students from rural and fishing villages, recipients of basic livelihoods, lower-income brackets, and single-parent families were newly added to the even-opportunity rotation type. Medical departments (premedical, pre-oriental medicine, and pre-dental) moved their recruiting groups from Ga-gun to Na-gun. Art College, Sports Guidance Department, and Taekwondo Department have changed the admission method. Please note that the Art Department changed the practical test to 55% + SAT 45%, and Sports Guidance Department and Taekwondo Department changed the SAT 90% + Student GPA 10%.

■ Passing tips from seniors at Kyunghee University
“I will objectively grasp my position”

photo provided by myself

photo provided by myself

Jeon Jeon-ju (Pre-Oriental Medicine 1)

Q. Why did you choose the on-time screening method? Also, I’m curious about what motivated you to apply to our university.
I graduated from a special purpose high school, but there was something lacking in my personal management and student record activities. Also, I thought it would be difficult to get into the university I wanted, so I chose the regular admissions process. As a result of applying to the medical field of my choice, I was finally admitted to Kyunghee University’s Pre-Oriental Medicine Department. Just like ‘Kyunghee University’, oriental medicine university comes to mind, I decided that the merits that could be obtained through the major department of a school would be great.

Q. Do you have your own application strategy and secret to success?
I searched for entrance exam information on my own and set aside an hour a day every day to study and analyze. In the process, I was able to objectively grasp my position. After that, I applied to the university after gaining confidence using the mock application program on the application site. Students will also apply for mock applications through various programs. You should look at your score here objectively and avoid overestimating or underestimating it. Also, I would like to say that if you are a student receiving consulting in the on-time application process, it is good to study the entrance exam to some extent in advance, such as the rate of reflection that is favorable to you and the rate of reflection of the university you want to attend.

Q. Please tell us about your past year as a college student.
It was a year in which I did everything I wanted to as it was a school that I passed after a long examination period. When you become a college student, you have more personal time and a greater sense of responsibility. However, the most memorable thing in my college life so far is the experience of cramming on the day of the final exam of my major, and I was not in good shape, so I ruined the exam.

Q. Is there anything you would like to say to prospective newbies who dream of entering Kyunghee University?
If we are to brag about our school, first of all, the campus is really pretty, so it’s a pleasure to attend. There are many places to eat around the school. When the face-to-face class starts next year, I think it would be good for newbies to walk through the cherry blossom-filled Kyunghee Land and then to the Kyunghee University Pajeon Alley. I hope that you will come to Kyunghee University and create a life that develops day by day. Be sure to pass!

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