Ministry of Education distributes 140 billion won to universities that voluntarily reduce quota


Vice Minister of Education Jeong Jong-cheol is presenting the university’s systematic management and innovation support strategy at the Sejong Government Complex in Sejong on the afternoon of May 20. yunhap news

The Ministry of Education decided to distribute 140 billion won to excellent universities that voluntarily reduce their quota ahead of the recommendation for quota reduction in the second half of next year. The Ministry of Education announced on the 22nd that at the 23rd Social Relations Ministers’ Meeting for the Realization of an Inclusive Nation held on the 22nd, a plan to ‘respond to a decrease in the school-age population by strengthening university competitiveness’ was deliberated and decided. This agenda is the 3rd Population Policy Task Force (TF) task, dividing universities into marginal universities and autonomous innovative universities with poor educational conditions or extremely difficult financial conditions, and general financial support for autonomous innovative universities (university innovation support project) It contains contents that support to respond to the crisis of school-age population decline by promoting appropriate scale-up for each university using the Previously, in May, the Ministry of Education announced the ‘Strategy for Systematic Management and Innovation Support of Universities’ and received an autonomous innovation plan containing measures to reduce quota from autonomous innovative universities that passed the 3rd cycle (2022-2024) university basic competency diagnostic evaluation. In the second half of next year, he announced that he would recommend a reduction in quota for universities in the bottom 30-50% through a maintenance fill rate check that encompasses both freshman and current student fill rates by district. A total of 233 universities (136 general colleges and 97 junior colleges) have passed the 3rd cycle university basic competency diagnosis evaluation, and these universities must submit their autonomous innovation plans to the Ministry of Education by May next year. At that time, the Ministry of Education announced that it would give incentives to excellent universities to support the appropriate scale of each university and the implementation of autonomous innovation plans. More details related to the 3rd cycle university restructuring will be included in the draft of the ‘University Innovation Support Project Basic Plan’ scheduled to be announced next week. An official from the Ministry of Education said, “We plan to announce the composition and calculation method of the maintenance and fill rate index, and the criteria and method for distribution of incentives.” At the same time announcing plans to designate universities with limited government financial support for the academic year 2023, the Ministry of Education has decided to temporarily lower the minimum standards for student recruitment and employment rates by region in consideration of the sharp decline in the school-age population and the impact of COVID-19. By Lee Yoo-jin, staff reporter [email protected]

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