Lee Jun-seok “The role theory of the presidential election? Ask people who say that I have to lose to win”


People’s Power CEO Lee Jun-seok said today (22nd) about the role theory of the presidential election after resigning from his position as a member of the election committee.

CEO Lee made this statement after attending the 60th anniversary ceremony of the Journalists Association held today at the Gwanghwamun Press Center in Seoul.

After a conflict with Supreme Commissioner Jo Su-jin, who is the head of the public affairs department, regarding the command system of the election committee, CEO Lee resigned from his positions as the co-standing election chairman and head of the public relations and media division the day before.

Today’s remarks are interpreted to clearly reveal the uneasy feelings towards those within the party who criticize him.

In an interview with the media today, Chairman Lee said, “Even if I resign as the permanent election chairperson, I will carry out my duties as party representative, so I will only do what Song Young-gil, chairman of the Democratic Party, does.

When asked by reporters, ‘Isn’t Kim Jong-in, general election chairman trying to persuade him to return to the election?’, he reiterated that he had no intention of returning to the election, saying, “I and Chairman Kim don’t talk about unnecessary things because we pretend to be.” .

Earlier, in a congratulatory speech at an event of the Journalists Association, CEO Lee drew attention by mentioning the conflict with Rep. Jo Su-jin, a former journalist.

Referring to the fact that Democratic Party leader Song Young-gil had undergone leg surgery and gave a congratulatory speech on crutches, Chairman Lee said, “It hurts my heart to think that Song’s leg hurts. But, as you all know, my heart aches.”

He then explained with a smile, “Coming here is even more special because I have a conflict with a politician (Rep. Jo Su-jin) who was a female journalist in our party.”

Also, referring to President Song’s mention of ‘freedom of the press’ in his congratulatory speech, he induced applause from the audience, saying, “I understand that the Democratic Party has expressed its will to never push ahead with revisions to the Media Arbitration Act again.”

He said, “The fact that there is a separate gathering of female reporters means that the environment for female journalists to cover the media is not yet perfect.

“As Candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon becomes president, if any courageous female reporter raises her hand and asks, ‘What kind of sadness (baseless confidence)?’, he will answer the report without fear.

Kim Ye-ryung, the spokesperson for the presidential election committee, pointed out that during a 2019 New Year’s meeting with President Moon Jae-in while serving as Gyeonggi Broadcasting Corporation, he said, “I will ask directly what is the basis of confidence that does not change the economic policy stance.” .

CEO Lee said, “In the future, I will try not to create a situation in which female reporters have to choose between their family and Lee Jun-seok, or have to be in front of my house instead of their own because I disappear without prior notice.”

CEO Lee disappeared on the 30th of last month due to a conflict with Candidate Yoon and the election of the previous leader, but on the 3rd of this month he returned to the end of the ‘Ulsan discussion’.

CEO Lee said, “I asked him to convey his deep understanding,” saying that candidate Yoon was unable to attend due to his visit to Honam.

Representative Lee canceled the schedule to attend the Journalists Association right after resigning from the election yesterday, and decided to attend again today.

Representative Lee meets Chairman Kim Jong-in at a hotel in downtown Seoul today.

It is known as a meeting with the party’s standing advisors.

(Photo = National Assembly Photo Reporters, Yonhap News)


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