Kim Gun-hee, who is far away from the extreme redness, is back…尹 “There was no plan from the beginning”


In conjunction with the extreme redness of the People’s Power Election Countermeasures Committee, the ‘recruitment’ of Kim Kun-hee, the spouse of candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, is also virtually difficult.

On the surface, the conflict between the command system between CEO Lee Jun-seok and Supreme Commissioner Jo Su-jin was highlighted as a decisive factor, but at the root of it was a difference in perspective surrounding Mr. Kim’s response to the ‘false history controversy’.

At the undisclosed election committee on the 20th, when Cho requested ‘actively support the response to Mr. Kim’s suspicions’ as the public affairs head, CEO Lee pointed out the problem of the poor management of the public affairs team, leading to clashes.

As a result, confusion in the command system of the predecessors over how to respond to the ‘Kim Gun-hee risk’ was clearly revealed, leading to catastrophe.

As such, the opinion that there is no need to rush Kim’s rise to the ranks is prevailing even within the senior leadership team.

Candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon is also cautious right now.

In an interview with the press released today (22nd), Candidate Yoon said, “There was no plan from the beginning (my wife’s election),” and “My wife extremely hated politics.”

“Let’s not use the word first lady,” he added.

When asked if he would not accompany him during the election campaign, he replied, “I don’t know,” he said, “if necessary, it can come out. Would you like to?” he said.

It is also interpreted in a similar vein that Candidate Yoon suggested the idea of ​​reducing the number of Blue House staff by 30% and eliminating all senior secretaries, and even mentioning the ‘abolition of the second affiliated office’, which assists the president’s spouse.

Candidate Yoon added, “I think it is right to abolish the second annex. The president’s wife is just a family.”

Candidate Yoon’s remarks like this are read as a different point from the idea of ​​the people’s power predecessor.

The People’s Power is known to have reviewed ways to support Kim’s election campaign by organizing the ‘Spouse Forum’.

If we consider not only the ‘plus’ factor of Mr. Kim’s appearance, but also the ‘minus’ factor associated with the offensive of the passport, it seems to mean that he will not be obsessed with it.

In fact, Kim is extremely abstaining from contact with the press, except for the fact that he recently met with a reporter and apologized for the controversy over his false history.

He also did not participate in the inauguration ceremony of the previous squadron on the 6th, which is usually considered a natural starting event for a spouse.

However, at the level of the election committee, it is expected that the final decision will be made on whether or not Mr. Kim will go on the pitch while watching the trend of public opinion in the future.

Won Hee-ryong, head of the policy department of the election committee, said on the radio today, “The best public figure who wants to become president must stand truthfully in front of the people, and even if there is injustice, he should approach the people with a humble and sincere attitude and ask for forgiveness from the people and take responsibility.”

Regarding the theory of the abolition of the second annex, he said, “Candidate Yoon must have expressed his sincere feelings during the interview, so we will take note that there is such a thing in the candidate’s thoughts, but we have not discussed it or decided on a promise at all.”

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