“It’s hard to grow”… Mother who abandoned her daughter in freezing weather, arrested and charged


The mother who abandoned her daughter in sub-zero weather was handed over to trial under detention.

It is reported that the Incheon District Prosecutor’s Office arrested and indicted the 30-year-old mother, A, on charges of neglecting and neglecting children under the Child Welfare Act.

In addition, a man in his 20s who helped Mr. A was also handed over to trial.

On the night of the 26th of last month, it is known that Mr. A had his 4-year-old daughter get out of the car on a road in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, and then left.

A passerby found a crying child and reported it to the police. At that time, the lowest temperature in Goyang-si was minus 1 degree Celsius.

It is reported that Mr. A stated in the previous police investigation that he committed the crime because it was difficult to raise a child.


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