He reveals health problems


Riccardo Simonetti
He reveals health problems

Riccardo Simonetti addressed his fans frankly.

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Riccardo Simonetti reported on health problems on Instagram and described them as “scary”.

Entertainer, moderator and author Riccardo Simonetti (28) has shown little personal information on his Instagram account (around 326,000 subscribers) in recent weeks. In a post he has now given his followers the reason for it. “The truth is, I’ve had a few health problems that weren’t without it and that made me spend most of my time at the doctor’s or in the hospital,” wrote Simonetti of a selfie he shared with one Showing mouth and nose protection in a hospital bed.

The whole thing was not only physically challenging, but also scary and “since I didn’t know how long I would feel like this, I thought it would be best to keep it all to myself for now,” the entertainer continued. who with his posting “also wants to show when things are not going well”. Often one creates the illusion, “as if everything is always going well, so that you get the feeling that there is something wrong with you if it doesn’t look like you yourself”.

Riccardo Simonetti: “My very own Christmas present”

The fact that his treatment was successfully completed so shortly before Christmas and that he could spend the holidays together with his family at home is his “very personal Christmas present and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for it today”. The last few weeks had shown him once more how grateful he was for everything beautiful, love and good in his life. Now he is looking forward to “a bright and, above all, healthy 2022”.

In the coming year, Simonetti will be on the recorded quiz show “Who is stealing the show from me?” seen by and with Joko Winterscheidt (42) on TV. From January 4, 2022 (every Tuesday at 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben and Joyn), he and singer Mark Forster (38), comedienne Anke Engelke (56) and a wildcard winner will try to give the host Winterscheidt his show in nine quizzes -Categories and three profit levels to be won. If this succeeds, the winner can take over the moderation of the following program.



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