Gender Media, ‘Grand Prize for Good Media Content’


‘The Quiet Massacre Begins Again’ (directed by Lee Yoo-jung), reported by the gender media YouTube channel of On the 22nd, YWSI Korea jury panel said, “‘The silent massacre has begun again,’ which analyzed the suicide rate of women in their twenties from various angles and raised the issue of social alienation they face. I threw the agenda of ‘Do it?'”, explaining the reason for the selection.

on November 12 last year, pointed out the current status of suicide rate among women in their 20s and interviewed experts to point out that the mental health crisis of young women is due to social structural causes such as gender discrimination and patriarchy. After the video was released, the government began to prepare preventive measures at the government level by including ‘2030 women’, which had not been classified as a ‘suicide risk group’, into the suicide risk group for the first time. (KBS) of (TBS) won the Best Media Content Award. By Song Ho-jin, staff reporter [email protected]

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