Evening of Svrsletter (12/22): Another surge in confirmed cases on Wednesday, and the tears of the self-employed


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Corona-related status is announced every morning. But on Wednesday, the number of confirmed cases is starting to increase significantly, and it is still the case today. When the Corona situation worsens, the quarantine authorities have to make a difficult decision between quarantine and the survival of the self-employed.

Wednesday’s statistics show a trend

As of 00:00 today (22nd), there are 7,456 new confirmed cases. The number of people increased by 2,254, and in four days, it rose to the level of 7,000 again. On weekends, the number of tests is reduced and the number of confirmed cases also decreases. This ‘weekend effect’ gradually disappears, but the number of confirmed cases announced on Wednesday tends to increase sharply. Let’s take a look at the number of new confirmed cases announced on Wednesday this month. This is the pattern that marks the peak of the week with 5,122 people on the 1st day → 7,173 people on the 8th → 7,850 people on the 15th → 7,456 people on the 22nd. In particular, the highest number of confirmed cases was announced on Wednesday (15th). You can guess the trend just by looking at the statistics on Wednesday, but quarantine authorities see the increase in the number of confirmed cases as a definite slowdown. “The increase is slowing down compared to the previous 15-20% weekly increase. However, it is still a bit unclear whether the scale of this epidemic has turned into a downward trend. This is how I summarized the current situation.

Although the increase in the number of confirmed cases is slowing, it is worrying that the increase in the number of severe cases has not subsided. Just by looking at the graph below, you can see that the increase is not significant.

<Source: Yonhap News>” data-captionyn=”Y” id=”i201620848″ src=”https://static.sbsdlab.co.kr/image/thumb_default.png” class=”lazy” data-src=”https://img.sbs.co.kr/newimg/news/20211222/201620848.png” style=”display:block; margin:20px auto” v_height=”643″ v_width=”802″/><br /><strong>Santa disappears when Omicron appears</strong><br />
  <br />Shall we turn our attention to foreign countries?  US Secretary of State Blincoln presided over a meeting of foreign ministers for international cooperation on Corona, and the focus of the discussion was to respond to the new mutation, Omicron.  It is said that there was talk of sharing information and responding jointly.  Internationally, Omicron is the light of the foot.  There are already a number of countries where Omicron has become the dominant species.<br />
  <br /><img alt=” data-captionyn=”Y” id=”i201620868″ src=”https://static.sbsdlab.co.kr/image/thumb_default.png” class=”lazy” data-src=”https://img.sbs.co.kr/newimg/news/20211222/201620868.png” style=”display:block; margin:20px auto” v_height=”631″ v_width=”438″/>
According to a new foreign media report, the British government announced that 14 people have died of Omicron, and it is said that it is the first case of community transmission of Omicron in Japan. The Christmas atmosphere has also disappeared due to the spread of Omicron, but there is a foreign media report that churches in the United States, where Omicron has already become the dominant species, are contemplating whether or not to hold a Christmas service. The New York Times also reported that European self-employed people were in a position to worry about their survival by blowing up a Christmas special. In the case of the UK, so-called ‘Plan B’ was introduced, which included wearing a mask indoors at theaters and hotels, introduction of vaccine passes at large events, and recommendations for working from home. The newspaper reported that

“I was pushed to the edge of a cliff” self-employed group action

The survival of the self-employed is an urgent issue for us without having to look outside the country. The self-employed people gathered in Gwanghwamun on the afternoon of the 22nd. They demanded withdrawal ▲ abolition of business hours restrictions for those who have completed vaccinations ▲ direct support for small business owners and self-employed people and expansion of loss compensation ▲ opposition to the application of the expansion of the Labor Standards Act for workplaces with fewer than 5 employees. Let’s hear the story of the owner of the hop house interviewed by Yonhap News on the spot. “When I see an empty store, I just cry. I came out because I couldn’t sit still. I don’t know how much the government will listen to us, but I’m here because there’s nothing we can do about it.” We can’t ignore this cry of tears. The actual damage will be different depending on the industry, but there is no blind spot and additional support that is practically helpful should be rushed.

a piece of the day

President Moon Jae-in's private residence in Yangsan (Photo = Yonhap News)
This is the private residence of President Moon Jae-in and his wife after they retire. You can see the shape of the building. It is said that the exterior construction of the private residence in Habuk-myeon, Yangsan-si, Gyeongnam is almost finished. The Blue House said that it will be completed between the end of March and early April of next year. President Moon and his wife purchased the site to build the private residence last year when it was pointed out that the private residence in Maegok-dong, Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-do, where they lived before taking office, was criticized for being inappropriate for security reasons. It is said that it takes about 50 minutes by car from Gimhae Bonghama Village, where the tomb of the late former President Roh Moo-hyun is located.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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