“Don’t look up”! Is the end of the world near


Known for tackling -in a comedy tone- disparate and controversial themes or of notable political charge, the North American director Adam McKay returns to the marquees and the small screen with a new film, “Don’t look up” (“Don’t look up” , 2021), which was released in theaters in the United States on December 10 and on the Netflix platform (which is also the production company) on December 24.

The film shows us two characters belonging to the scientific community – an astronomer, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and his student, Jennifer Lawrence – who “become politicized when they discover a meteor that will impact the Earth in eight months and must decide how they will deal with it. situation, from divergent attitudes: she is very expressive and he, rather, tries to play with the system ”, commented the actor during the junket in which THE INFORMATOR was present.

In a dark comedy tone, the film explores -explains the actor- “the discomfort of the scientific community that expresses its frustration when knowing the urgency of an event that will end life on Earth and that nobody seems to give importance to that, more well they react with indifference ”.

Ongoing project

Also present at the media meeting were the director of the film, Adam McKay, and some members of the cast, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill, Meryl Streep, Tyler Perry and Kid Cudi.

The director shared that they started the project two years ago; that is, about to start imprisonment for the pandemic of the COVID-19, “There was no vaccine and prevention measures had to be extreme, but we found a way to collaborate and get the job done”.

Likewise, Meryl Steep -who plays the president of the United States in the film- stressed that, for her role, “there were many guys from whom to take something bad for the character”, although what she had the most in mind was “the power and money “as elements that affect public service,” a job that requires great sacrifice, so good people are needed to exercise it, “he said.

Importance of humor

In this regard, DiCaprio stressed that he was looking for a project that would address issues related to global warming and the environment, as well as “how to contribute to the cause”; in this way, he believes that “McKay got the narrative right” in the feature film that, with a comedy perspective, proposes “to create a conversation about these issues of importance for the planet, which is what we should be talking about.”

Faced with the disdain of politicians, media and authorities, in “Do not look up,” director McKay wonders “if there would be no one to bother “with this attitude, he thinks that” sometimes, what is needed is to say things directly “and, to achieve this,” what is required is a neutral field “in which a dialogue is based; for this, Jonah Hill intervened, one of the virtues of the film is how the director “makes digestible very serious and terrible matters through comedy.”

For McKay himself, when it comes to his approach to this story, “it is very important that people laugh”, that is, that urgent issues that can despair or cause sadness – such as the possibility of the end of the world or the consequences of climate change – “can be expressed and made to feel with humor”.

Prophecy and music

Finally, in the voice of the cast members, the “chemistry” between actors and actresses has been essential to achieve the objectives in the film; in addition to respect for the figure of McKay, which, said Tyler Perry, “managed to write a prophetic film, since today NASA is testing an artifact sent into space to divert the trajectory of a comet.”
After all, the “approaches” of “Do not look up” to the issues it deals with are multiple, beyond the perspective of comedy there are political dilemmas and, likewise, the importance of music when dealing with and relating scientific issues in the lyrics of the songs that can be seen in the feature film, in the voices of Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi.

Talent. Jonah Hill, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence take part in a scene from the new Netflix comedy. Netflix


What is “Don’t look up” about?

Two astronomers – a teacher and a student – discover that in a few months a meteor the size of Everest will destroy planet Earth. From that moment, through the media they will seek to warn humanity of the danger that lies ahead. However, everyone reacts indifferently to the news, no one seems to care that the end of humanity is so close. Thus, the media tour on which the astronomers embark goes from having a tragic look to becoming a very dark comedy.

“(On McKay) he managed to write a prophetic film, because today NASA is testing with an artifact sent into space to divert the trajectory of a comet.”

– Tyler Perry, actor


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