Democratic Party “I pray for the recovery of Director Kim Moon-ki… Deep condolences to the bereaved family”


The Democratic Party expressed condolences to the death of Kim Moon-ki, the first development director of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, who has been under investigation in connection with the ‘Daejang-dong development suspicion’.

Cho Yong-jin, senior spokesperson for the Democratic Party’s election campaign, said, “I pray for your recovery,” in a written briefing today (22nd). said.

He added, “Precious lives must no longer be sacrificed.” “There must be no obstruction to the finding of the truth. We urge the investigation agency to conduct a fair and prompt investigation.”

Director Kim, who has been investigated for allegations of preferential treatment related to the Seongnam Daejang-dong development, was found dead at the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation office last evening.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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