December 23 greetings


⊙ Ministry of Education ◇Director of Administration △Kangwon University Samcheok Campus △Ohsi-Jong △Chonnam National University Yeosu〃 Ki-Soo Choi ◇Director △Regulatory Reform Lawyer Chang-Hoon Lee △General Auditor Tae-Joo Lee △Private Auditor Chang-Joo Kim ◇Chief △Chairman △Regional Innovation University Support Park Seong-Ha △Teaching and Learning Evaluation Lee Ji-Hyun △Student Health Policy Hee-Kwon Jeong ◇ Team Leader △Digital Communication Jang Se-eun △ Northeast Asian Education Measures Jeong Seong-hoon △ School Innovation Support Office Ji Hye-jin △ Overseas training dispatch Shin Jin-yong⊙ Ministry of Environment △ Nakdong River Biological Resources Director Yoo Ho⊙ Marine Police

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