‘Daejang-dong Practical’ Director Kim Moon-gi found dead… politics


[주영진의 뉴스브리핑]

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■ Broadcast: SBS Mon~Fri (14:00~16:00)

■ Progress: Anchor Joo Young-jin

■ Conversation: Former National Assembly Speaker Han Min-soo, Public Assistant Secretary, Jang Seong-cheol, Distinguished Professor at Daegu Catholic University


● ‘Daejang-dong Practitioner’ Kim Moon-gi passed away

Han Min-soo / Former Speaker of the National Assembly, Public Assistant

“Kim Moon-ki’s death… Only the rim of the prosecution’s investigation into Daejang-dong is ringing”

Jang Seong-cheol / Distinguished Professor, Catholic University of Daegu

Jang Seong-cheol “Democratic Party, Daejang-dong Investigation Damage… Should be Special Prosecution”

※ For details, you can check the video.

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