Controversy over cafe “Free coffee for unvaccinated people who struggled to keep an eye out”


Oh! Click The last search term was ‘free coffee for non-vaccinated people’.

A store owner who runs a franchise cafe in Gyeonggi-do is attracting attention by holding an event to provide free coffee to those who are not vaccinated against COVID-19.

Store owner A wrote in the event guide, “Did you have a hard time keeping an eye on society? If you say ‘non-vaccinated’, we’ll give you free coffee.”

He added, “I did not want to discriminate against guests, so I took up a little courage.”

As soon as this information became known, opinions diverge online that ‘we support the self-employed behaviors of self-employed people’ and ‘actions that make quarantine difficult’. Some netizens contacted the cafe’s franchise headquarters and protested. The notice was issued as requested.

In addition to Mr. A’s cafe, on the 20th, a cafe that would not openly follow the government’s business hours restriction guidelines appeared and became controversial.

Netizens responded, “Even if we all work together, conflicts only grow when there is not enough.”, “I understand the burning heart of self-employed people. Corona is really wild.”

(Screen source: Online community)

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