‘Birds Korea’ CEO Nile Moores at the SBS Water Environment Awards


Nile Moores, CEO of Birds Korea, a bird habitat conservation organization, was selected for the 2021 SBS Water Environment Awards.

CEO Moores, a British-born ecologist, first started to promote the value of wetlands and waterfowl in Korea in the 1990s, and received the grand prize for his efforts to preserve the ecology of the West Sea ecoregion for the past 30 years.

In the civil society category, Kim Young-sun, deputy director of Hanbaek Ecology Research Institute, who has been at the forefront of preventing damage to Jangnok Wetland, Kim Jin-jin, a YouTuber specializing in birdwatching, was selected in the civic practice category, and Aromatica, which produces eco-friendly cosmetics, was selected in the policy management category.


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