Arrested “fleeing after being stopped by the person next door to personal protection”


The defendant Yoo, who lived in Dongducheon-si, Gyeonggi-do and was arrested for house trespassing and assault, and then fled during the suspension of execution, was caught by the prosecution last night (21st).

Previously, SBS reported that the accused, Mo Yoo, frequently approached the house next door to the victim during the period of suspension of detention, but fled when this fact became known and an arrest warrant was issued.

Mo Yoo was arrested after crossing the veranda to the house of a woman who lived next door in an apartment in Dongducheon-si, Gyeonggi-do in February.

In July, he was sentenced to two years and six months in prison in the first trial for trespassing, assault, and vandalism, but his arrest was suspended three times due to chronic illness.

Victim A, who lived next door, heard the sound of Yoo entering the residence during the period of arrest and suspension, so she reported it to the police and requested personal protection.

On the 7th, Mr. A reported with a smart watch and the police were dispatched, but Mr. Yoo could not be found.

Police said, “At that time, I knocked on the door and rang the bell, but there was no response.

When the sound was heard again on the 14th, Mr. A reported it, and the police found Mr. Yoo coming out of his residence, gave a verbal warning, and notified the prosecution of the fact that he had violated the conditions of arrest and execution.

The court canceled the suspension of arrest and issued an arrest warrant for Yoo, who violated the conditions, but Yoo escaped on the 19th.

After an undercover investigation, the police and prosecutors arrested Yoo last night.

A police official said, “With respect to personal protection, there was no direct exercise of force against the victim, so no additional measures could be taken other than a verbal warning.” I did.

According to the current law, there is no basis for the police to take active action unless the person subject to personal protection is directly threatened. opinion emerges.

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