Apple reseller rejects facilities for people with disabilities, saying, “There are no users other than the real person”


Human Rights Commission “non-provision of facilities for the disabled is discriminatory”
Disability group “Incorrect relationship… I couldn’t go because there were no amenities” Criticism

Apple device retailer Frisbee

Frisbee Korea, a retailer specializing in Apple devices, rejected the recommendation of the National Human Rights Commission of Korea to “install convenient facilities for wheelchair users, such as ramps.” Although there is an obligation related to the provision of accommodations for the disabled under the current law, the company is criticized for refusing to recommend it, citing narrow reasons such as “there are no wheelchair users other than the author”. On the 22nd, the Human Rights Commission said, “The head of the Frisbee Korea Daegu branch recommended to install convenient facilities for the disabled, such as ramps, so that the disabled could access and use the facility, but the respondent’s headquarters did not accept it. The company’s headquarters decided that it was necessary to make more active efforts, so we announce it in accordance with the relevant laws.” A, a disabled person using a wheelchair, filed a complaint to the Human Rights Commission against the head of the Frisbee Daegu branch, saying, “I visited the Frisbee Korea Daegu branch on January 21st, but a wheelchair could not enter because of a jaw.” The Frisbee Daegu branch said, “It is a small business, so it is not a building that is obligated to install a ramp.” “If you install a ramp because there is a business in a downtown with a lot of floating population, accidents such as pedestrians tripping or a wheelchair slipping off the ramp on a rainy day occur. It is difficult to install it because the respondent is liable if it is done.” However, prior to this, the Daegu branch said, “If the ward office supports the cost, I will purchase a mobile ramp.” The Human Rights Commission recommended that the Frisbee Daegu branch should install convenient facilities for the disabled, saying, “It is discriminatory to not provide convenient facilities such as ramps to the disabled using wheelchairs.” The Human Rights Commission said, “There is a possibility that some interference with pedestrians may occur when a ramp is installed, but compared to that, the public interest to be protected is far greater.” We have an obligation to provide a level of service that is substantially equal to that of people who are not disabled,” he explained. When the Human Rights Commission’s official recommendation came out, this time, Frisbee Korea’s headquarters expressed its intention to ‘not accept’ it. The head office said, “When a person with a disability using a wheelchair visits the store, employees are instructed to go out and move it into the store, but there have been no cases of a disabled person using a wheelchair other than the author.” “There are many other commercial facilities nearby, but Frisbee Korea Daegu Branch It is not fair to recommend that convenience facilities be installed only in Even if the ward office subsidizes the installation cost, the ward office does not accept the recommendation because the ward office is not responsible in the event of a safety accident.” The Human Rights Committee said, “This reply misunderstands the purpose of the recommendation of the Human Rights Committee and the duty of the complained organization (Frisbee) to provide convenience under the ‘Act on the Prohibition of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities and Remedy for Rights, etc.’.” We can justify discrimination against people with disabilities in our society according to interests and gains and losses,” he pointed out. Kim Cheol-hwan, an activist for ‘People Breaking Down the Barriers of Disability,’ also said, “It’s wrong to say that people with disabilities can’t make it because they don’t come.” People with disabilities gave up and could not go,” he said. By Kim Yoon-joo, staff reporter [email protected]

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