‘A sample of human victory’ veteran pitcher Jinseong Kim, a new start at LG


‘Tryout’ Shinhwa Jin-seong Kim is aiming for a comeback in LG professional baseball.

The LG club announced today (22nd), “We have recruited Kim Jin-seong, who has excellent strikeout ability and a lot of experience.”

Kim Jin-seong said through the LG club, “I am grateful to LG for giving me the opportunity.”

Jinseong Kim is considered a model of the success story of an unknown player.

Kim Jin-seong, who joined SK through the 2004 rookie draft, but failed to advance to the first team and was released in 2006, remained invincible after completing his military service. I could not catch it and tasted the second release pain.

However, I did not give up and took the opportunity to join the new team NC by taking an open tryout.

A weedy baseball life blossomed in NC.

Kim Jin-seong stood tall as the guardian of NC.

He first stepped onto the first team stage in NC in 2013, and in the 2014 season, he recorded 3 wins, 3 losses, 1 hold, 25 saves and an ERA of 4.10, and was a big hit as a closing pitcher.

From the 2015 season to the 2017 season, he recorded more than 10 holds for three consecutive years. In particular, he had a career high season with a 10 wins, 6 losses and a 15 hold ERA of 3.61 in the 2017 season.

In the 2020 season, he appeared in 6 consecutive games in the Korean Series and led the team to victory with a scoreless 3 hold.

However, Kim Jin-seong was sluggish, recording an ERA in the 7-point range for the 2021 season, and was notified of his release in November of this year.

After knocking on the doors of several teams for over a month without sitting down, Kim Jin-seong received an offer from LG and changed his uniform.

(Photo = provided by LG Twins, Yonhap News)


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