A pit bull running at his 4-year-old son… Naked mother dies after losing both arms


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In the United States, a woman died while trying to rescue her 4-year-old son from her dog.

According to foreign media reports such as Fox News on the 20th local time, Heather Fingel (35), a resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, suffered serious injuries in an attack by a pit bull terrier that he raised on the 8th, losing both arms. However, despite continued treatment, his condition did not improve, and he eventually died on the 16th, 8 days after the accident.

On the day of the accident, Fingel called her boyfriend Bernarde, telling him that his son had fallen off the stairs.

After being contacted by Fingel, Bernarde found Fingel fighting with her dog, a pit bull terrier. The Pit Bull Terrier is well known as a representative dog breed.

After seeing his girlfriend Fingel fighting a pit bull terrier, Bernarde moved the child into the living room and shot and killed the pit bull terrier with a gun in the house.

However, Fingel had already been attacked a lot and was rushed to the hospital, but lost both arms.

▲ A picture of Heather Fingel during the accident.

Bernarde said, “I got a phone call from Fingel saying ‘my son fell off the stairs,’ and when I went home, Fingel and a pit bull terrier were fighting. We started attacking Fingel,” he said at the time.

Fingel’s family said, “The dog was usually scared when it made loud noises.”

in that accident
Fingel was treated at the hospital for eight days, but eventually died.

Fingel’s son, who was attacked by a dog, also had 70 stitches on his leg, but it is said that his condition has improved and he has been discharged from the hospital.

Meanwhile, it is known that Fingel’s pit bull terrier has been abused by its previous owner and has often shown aggressive tendencies.

Although the Pit Bull Terrier is known to be obedient to its owner, it is known for being aggressive enough to be used as a fighting dog.

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