WP “UAE installs spyware on wife’s phone before Khashoggi murder”


The murdered dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi

A few months before the murder of Saudi Arabian dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the UAE intelligence agency has planted spyware ‘Pegasus’ on his wife’s phone, an analysis has revealed.

The Washington Post commissioned Bill Marczak, a ‘Citizen Lab’ based at the University of Toronto, to analyze two mobile phones owned by Khashoggi’s wife Hanan Elatr yesterday (21st local time), It has been reported that military spyware ‘Pegasus’ has confirmed that an installation attempt has been made.

Pegasus is a spyware developed by Israeli IT security company NSO Group, and has caused a stir in the international community after allegations that it was abused by politicians and journalists in some countries were raised.

According to Elatr, on April 21, 2018, a few months before Khashoggi’s murder, the flight attendant was taken away by UAE intelligence as soon as she arrived at Dubai Airport, and her laptop, including two cell phones, were also confiscated.

Analysis showed that the spyware was placed on her Android phone on the 22nd, the day after detention.

Elatr was only able to get his cell phone back a few days after he was released from captivity.

“We found conclusive evidence on the phone,” Marczak said, adding that he confirmed the attempt to install Pegasus on an Android phone, but said it was not known whether the spyware actually infected the phone and stole the information.

Previously, 16 media outlets around the world, including the Washington Post and The Guardian, reported spyware investigations with Amnesty International and the French nonprofit ‘Forbidden Stories’. revealed that he had come.

At the time, Khashoggi’s wife, Elatre, and fiancee, Hatis Gengis, were also included in the hack, but the Saudi government denied the allegations.

This is the first evidence that a UAE government agency has planted Pegasus on the cell phone of Khashoggi’s entourage, the Washington Post said.

Earlier, the US Department of Commerce included the NOS group, the developer of Pegasus, on the list of sanctions last month.


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