Will Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man return in a new movie? This we know


After almost a week of the premiere of “Spider-Man: No way home”In theaters in Mexico, the emotions of the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) do not cease, and now less than the “Spider-Verse” was confirmed in this new installment bringing us back to Tobey Maguire already Andrew Garfield like the arachnid superheroes next to Tom Holland.

However, fans are also already talking about a possible return of Andrew as “The Amazing Spider-Man” to end his trilogy. Where did this rumor come from? Could it be possible? Here we tell you.

According to Daniel Richtman of The Direct, – famous for getting good information about Marvel Studios productions -, already they are working on the return of Garfield to resume his saga as “Spider-Man”; However, it should be noted that Marvel has not confirmed or denied this news, despite the fact that many of the rumors – if not all – those that revolved around “No way home” turned out to be true.

In addition, fans have launched a campaign with the name #MakeTASM3 in social networks, where millions ask to conclude the project that was planned for Garfield as “Spider-Man” after its cancellation due to bad reviews.

Now with the multiverse as an important part of at least Phase 4 of the MCU, it doesn’t seem crazy that Andrew is returning to play the incredible “Spider-Man” that he let us see in “No way home.”

Andrew has been one of the most idolized after his redemption by saving “MJ” (Zendaya) from falling and dying, something he lived with “Gwen Stacy”In the second installment of his saga.



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