‘Responsibility for Daejang-dong’s work’ Seongnam Province Development Department 1 found dead


Kim Moon-ki, head of the development department of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, who was in charge of the Daejang-dong development project, was found dead on the night of the 21st. Director Kim has been under investigation by the prosecution in connection with the suspicion of the development of Daejang-dong, and it is said that he has recently received a notice of severe disciplinary action from the Internal Audit Office.

Correspondent Kim Ki-tae.

At around 8:30 last night, Kim Moon-gi, head of the development department of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, was found dead in the office on the first floor of Seongnam Province.

Previously, the police received a report from the family that Director Kim could not be reached and started to identify the whereabouts.

Police believe that he committed suicide by delaying the fact that no murder was found at the scene.

Director Kim has been in charge of the development of Daejang-dong until the beginning of this year, and is known as an aide to the former head of the Seongnam Province Construction Planning Division, who has already been arrested and indicted.

When the Hana Bank Consortium, in which Hwacheon Daewoo participated in the past, was selected as the preferred bidder, he participated as an evaluation committee member, and also served as an outside director for the construction company at the ‘Seongnam Garden’.

Director Kim is known to have been under investigation by the prosecution for the background that Seongnam Provincial Corporation did not include a provision for recovering excess profits in the public offering business guidelines and business agreements.

The prosecution explained that Kim was investigated as a witness on the 9th and was not at the stage of reviewing the request for an arrest warrant.

In particular, it is known that Director Kim received a severe punishment from the Audit Office, and some of the bereaved families claimed that “Director Kim has been under extreme stress recently.”

[유족 : 회사에서 자기를 고소했다는 거죠. 손해를 입혔다고 손해배상 청구까지 할 수 있다고 얘기를 했대요. 그러다 보니까 자기가 견디지를… 멘탈이 완전히 무너졌어요.]

It is the second time that Director Kim made an extreme choice while being investigated for suspicion of large-scale dong.

Earlier, on the 10th, former development head Yu Yu-gi was also found dead at his home before an arrest warrant was reviewed.


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