Putin warns the West of ‘military measures’… Claims to be “a variant for attacking US MDs”


Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that if the West continues unfriendly actions in Ukraine, corresponding military action will be taken.

According to the TAS news agency, President Putin attended an expanded cadre meeting of his country’s defense ministry and expressed concerns about NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s move forward, and Ukraine’s push to join NATO.

If the West’s aggressive course continues, Putin said: “We will take appropriate military and technological measures and respond decisively to unfriendly moves.” “, he emphasized.

Putin has also reaffirmed his desire to obtain legally binding security guarantees from the United States regarding NATO’s access near the Russian border.

“The United States easily withdraws from international treaties it does not like,” he said. “We need long-term, legally binding security guarantees.”

“We want to solve problems through political and diplomatic means,” he said.

“We are very concerned about the deployment of the US global missile defense system near Russia,” he said.

Putin’s warning comes amid heightened military tensions between Russia and the West, which support Ukraine.

Russia denies moving its military to near Ukraine as a self-defense measure by the United States and NATO to expand military aid to Ukraine and intensify military activities in the region around Ukraine.

The US and NATO are also asking the US and NATO to sign a security guarantee document stipulating a ban on additional NATO membership, including Ukraine and other former Soviet countries, and a ban on NATO deployment of weapons in Ukraine and neighboring regions.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin had a phone call with French President Emmanuel Macron and new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on the 21st local time to discuss issues related to the Ukraine crisis, the Kremlin said.

German government spokesman Steffen Hevestreit said in a phone call that Chancellor Scholz expressed concern over Russia’s expanded deployment of troops near the Ukrainian border and said there was an urgent need to reduce the conflict.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)


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