Omicron, rapidly spreading in Korea… ‘Severe prevention’ with vaccines


Omicron mutations are also spreading rapidly in Korea. Including the group infection at a kindergarten in Iksan, the number of Omicron infections increased by nearly 50 in a day to 278. It is said that the omicron mutation may become a dominant species in Korea sooner than expected, and the most effective means to respond is a vaccine.

This is reported by Cho Dong-chan, a medical reporter.

It is a kindergarten in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do.

Twenty children attending here have been infected with the omicron mutation.

There are 44 more confirmed cases related to this place, and we are testing whether it is Omicron.

Nine people at a public institution in Gwangju were also confirmed with Omicron, and eight additional confirmed cases are under investigation.

Nationwide, 49 people were added on a daily basis, bringing the total to 278.

This is a graph of confirmed cases in the UK where Omicron has effectively become the dominant species.

It’s the worst rise ever since November 11th, when Omicron seems to be the dominant force.

It is the first time that the average daily number of confirmed cases in a week has exceeded 80,000.

In order to prevent this upward trend, the UK and Europe took out the third vaccination card.

But let’s take a look at last week’s European report, it seems that it will be difficult to dampen this uptrend even if the speed of vaccination is increased.

Changing to a fast test instead of the current slow PCR will help us quickly find and isolate confirmed cases.

However, the UK death toll is at its lowest this year.

The death toll per 1 million people is not much different from that of Korea.

This is because, although the preventive effect of the second vaccination alone decreases, the effect of severe prevention is large.

In one study, there are few neutralizing antibodies that block Omicron, but 90% of the cells’ ability to fight Omicron is maintained.

In Korea, it is said that it will play a clear role in the 3rd vaccination, the secondary vaccination rate reaching 92% of adults, and Omicron’s defense in over 10 million people.

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