Nam-ki Hong “17,000 units pre-ordered for December, all preferred locations in the metropolitan area”


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance Hong Nam-ki said today (22nd), “We plan to supply 17,000 units in advance for December to preferred locations in the metropolitan area.”

Deputy Prime Minister Hong held a meeting of related ministers to inspect the real estate market today at the government complex in Seoul and said, “From the 29th, the pre-order for December, the highest level of the year, will be announced.”

Main areas for pre-order in December are Namyangju Wangsuk (2,300 units), Bucheon Jangjang (1,900 units), Goyang Changneung (1,700 units), Incheon Gyeyang (300 units), Seongnam Geumto (700 units), Ansan Singil 2 (1,400, public), Pyeongtaek Godeok (700), Incheon Geomdan (2,700, private), etc.

A total of 14,000 public pre-orders and 3,000 private pre-orders.

The government announced that the rest of the supply schedule scheduled for this year, such as public participation in street/autonomous housing competition (on the 23rd of this month) and the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, for the second candidate site for public redevelopment (on the 30th of this month), will be implemented without any setbacks.

Deputy Prime Minister Hong said, “For the urban complex project for the 2nd 4 measures, we have already designated 14,000 planned districts in 9 places, including the Jeungsan 4 district in Seoul, based on the approval of 30,000 residents in 22 places so far (2/3).” said.

He added, “Among the above planned districts, the districts that have been approved through deliberation by the Central Urban Planning Committee and others will be finalized within the year and follow-up steps will be carried out as quickly as possible next year.”

He expected, “As the rest of the project becomes visible, the process of securing resident consent will be accelerated.”

According to the government, since October, an additional two-thirds of the residents’ consent has been secured from 5,000 households in 5 places, and 37,000 houses in 30 places have secured half the consent.

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