Mini raclette: These devices are suitable for enjoyment in small groups


Mini Raclette
Heavenly cheese enjoyment for small groups

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A mini raclette is perfect for cheese lovers who don’t want to do without melted cheese at the dining table even without the big company. These smaller versions are also suitable for two, three or a maximum of four people.

Melted cheese, fresh vegetables, crispy baguette and lots of antipasti – does your mouth water when you think about it? In addition, a convivial group of friends or family members: Is that the ultimate raclette pleasure? Yes but! Raclette also tastes wonderful in intimate togetherness – for example, when you spend New Year’s Eve together. So what do you do if you have an appetite for raclette alone or in a small group? No problem! Cheese enjoyment can be celebrated in any constellation with a mini raclette.

Mini raclette: How to enjoy the classic cheese in a small group

Without electricity: mini raclette for one or two people

You should always treat yourself to something. You could do that with this one, for example Mini raclette from Boska, which consists of an extra-large, coated pan. Since the device is only operated with candles and therefore without electricity, it also creates a great atmosphere with candlelight. No matter whether you want to use the mini raclette for classic cheese preparations, for omelets or even to melt chocolate – nothing stands in the way of your uncomplicated enjoyment.

With electricity and grill plate: mini raclette for one or two people

If you prefer to have two individual pans and also a grill plate on top of the mini raclette, this is suitable Model by Bestron. You have the advantage that you can fill your two pans differently and also prepare grilled vegetables or meat. Both the pans and the grill plate have a non-stick coating and prevent the food from burning – cleaning is then correspondingly easy by hand.

With electricity and a double-sided grill plate: mini raclette for four people

This model by Princess is a visual highlight among the mini raclettes. This differs with fine bamboo Mini Raclette Another detail from many competitors: A mezzanine level serves as a storage space for hot pans that have not been used in the meantime. Other good features are the four non-stick coated pans and the reversible grill plate – a ribbed side for roasting vegetables and / or meat and a flat side for preparing teppanyaki dishes, for example.

With electricity, reversible grill plate and fondue pot: mini raclette for two people

This Mini raclette from WMF offers you all options in one fell swoop: The mini raclette has three pans (two small and one large pan), a grill plate and a fondue pot ready. It is entirely up to you whether you use the fondue to supplement the main course with more cheese or a brewed variant, or if you prefer to prepare your dessert in the form of a chocolate fondue during the main course. A “parking station” for the hot pans makes culinary pleasure even easier. Pans, pans, saucepans and grill plates are dishwasher-safe.

How should a mini raclette be cleaned?

As a rule, the crucial elements, i.e. pans and possibly grill plates, have a non-stick coating. This largely prevents leftover food from caking. Cleaning is accordingly easy. A damp cloth with a little mild detergent is often enough. Depending on the manufacturer, individual parts can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. Please refer to the instructions for use of your mini raclette for detailed information.

Important: Non-stick coatings should never be treated with metallic objects or aggressive cleaning agents. Should something stick, it is better to soak the item in a warm mixture of water and washing-up liquid. In this way you can be sure that you will enjoy your mini raclette for a long time.

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