Jungle camp 2022: extra fee because of corona?


Again bad news for RTL: Since the jungle camp is to take place in South Africa, the participants have to go into quarantine beforehand. But for this, the fees are supposed to increase.

Jungle camp 2022: new change due to corona situation?

Actually should be back this season everything different will. after the Corona-pandemic This year made sure that the jungle camp could not take place as usual in the wilderness of Australia and ultimately even had to fail completely, fans and production had actually hoped to be able to go “Down Under” again in 2022 with the show giant. But also these plans fail in the further spread and new variants of the virus’. RTL was therefore forced to “I’m a star – get me out of here” as an alternative in South Africa to film. With the suddenly dangerous situation on site by the Omicron variant then another stone was put in the way of the show.

If the situation changes we will of course respond

confirmed RTL entertainment director Markus K├╝ttner recently to DWDL. That is exactly what those responsible have to do in the face of the new risk now supposed to do – and the solution should be for split opinions ensure, to care.

Jungle camp candidates: 15 percent higher salary?

To get to the Covid regulations in South Africa Lucas Cordalis, 54, and Co. are said to be supposed to keep and protect the candidates adequately before filming in quarantine go. This should last for two weeks and according to “picture” information with one 15 percent bonus of the respective celebrity fee to be rewarded.

While the stars are over in spite of the isolation the extra salary should be happy, RTL has to overcome another hurdle. In addition to this new reveal, show participants are also said to be with your own plane travel to South Africa for a maximum contact restriction to guarantee. January will show whether all these precautions will be sufficient.

Sources used: Image, DWDL

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