Israel reports first Omicron-related death


The first case of death after being infected with Omicron, a new strain of COVID-19, has been reported in Israel.

According to Israeli media Ynet, on the 21st local time, a man in his 60s who was infected with the Omicron mutation died at Soroka University Hospital.

This man, who had an underlying disease, was classified as a serious patient for about two weeks after being confirmed with COVID-19 and received treatment.

This patient was vaccinated up to the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, but the booster shot, that is, the third booster dose, was not.

The hospital said that it was suspected that he had been infected with the Omicron mutation in the gene amplification (PCR) test, so he requested an additional test.

However, a hospital spokesperson explained, “His serious condition is more affected by the underlying disease than the pneumonia caused by the COVID-19 infection.”

In Israel, on the 26th of last month, the first influx of omicron mutations was confirmed, and the cumulative number of infections so far is 341.

According to the Israeli Ministry of Health, 170 cases were confirmed in one day on the 21st, and there were 800 suspected cases.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)

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