“Ice pack, don’t just throw it away, take it to the office”


Jiyoon Jang (10) is a child living in Yeongtong-gu, Suwon. We are continuing our daily practice to protect the environment, such as taking used ice packs to the local administrative welfare center. Provided by the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation

Hello to wildflowers! I wrote you a letter because it seems like a lot of you are disappearing. I guessed it, but I think it’s because people polluted the environment. There are a lot of dandelions on the roadside, and the flowers seem to wither quickly. If what I said is correct, I’ll try not to do that. thanks. Please make more flowers next time. Hello~ The environment is very polluted these days, and the earth is suffering a lot. It seems that a lot of wild flowers are disappearing from the polluted land. The content of this picture is a scene where a sick earth looks and thinks as people carelessly throw away garbage without sparing the earth. My heart ached because I thought I could understand the heart of the earth while drawing this picture. ‘What should be done to heal the sick planet?’ After thinking about it, I thought that many people, including myself, should try to take the lead in protecting the environment by not throwing out garbage, carefully separating it, and protecting the environment. I am collecting ice packs from my house and taking them to the administrative welfare center. I’m happy to reduce the use of pay-as-you-go bags and to be able to recycle ice packs instead of just throwing them away.

Ji-yoon Jang, 10, who lives in Yeongtong-gu, Suwon, cleans up with her family every Sunday and separates and disposes of garbage. Jangyang’s worries also pile up when he sees the garbage piled up in the separate discharge area. I started to think that the earth would suffer from the carelessly discarded disposables and scraps. Yang Yang began to take the lead in reusing ice packs while thinking about how to do less damage to the planet. Instead of just throwing away the ice packs that come out of the house, they take them to the base collection facilities installed in each building. The city of Suwon has collected ice packs through the ‘ice pack sharing project’ started in the summer of 2019 and distributed them to large distribution centers, logistics companies, and traditional markets. The reason Jangyang paid attention to ice packs is that if they are simply thrown away, they become difficult-to-treat garbage that hardly rots. Since the ice pack contains plastic gel, it cannot be completely incinerated and it takes 500 years to decompose naturally. According to the Natural Circulation Society, as fresh food delivery increases due to non-face-to-face transactions due to COVID-19, the production of ice packs last year is estimated to be 260 million, an increase of about 50 million from 210 million in 2019. It is known that about 80% of the generated amount is thrown into general volume-rate bags, and about 15% is discharged into the sewer, contaminating rivers and marine ecosystems.

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By Kim Min-je, staff reporter [email protected]


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