Haitians whipped at U.S. border, sue U.S. government


▲ A US border patrol officer chasing Haiti immigrants with a whip at the US border in September

In September, a photo of a border patrol officer on horseback chasing Haiti immigrants while swinging the reins like a whip in Delio, a border area in southern Texas in the United States, sparked controversy.

The New York Times reported that 11 Haitian immigrants, including the man in the photo, which embarrass Joe Biden, have sued the US government for physical and verbal abuse and inhumane treatment, the New York Times reported.

In the photo, the man caught by border patrol officers is a Haitian named Mirar Joseph, who was chased by border patrols while taking food for his wife and children from the Delio refugee camp.

Joseph, who was eventually deported from the U.S., said in a complaint filed with the help of immigrant support groups that it was “the most humiliating experience of his life,” the New York Times reported.

Another plaintiff, named Esther, said a border patrol officer on horseback drove him toward the river as if he was about to crash into it, shouting “Go to Mexico.”

Eleven plaintiffs allege that the Biden government did not make humanitarian arrangements, knowing that migrants would come.

It was a strategic decision to prevent more Haitians from trying to travel to the United States.

They also demanded that they go back to the United States to apply for asylum and be allowed to wait.

At one time, more than 14,000 migrants formed refugee camps under the border bridge as Haitian migrants crossed the land border into the United States at the same time in Delio in September.

The camps were quickly dismantled as some of them were deported or withdrawn to Mexico, and some were transferred to detention facilities in the United States, but in the process, controversy over the inhumane response of the US authorities grew.

In particular, after a photo of a border patrol officer whipping was released, criticism from the White House, Republicans and Democrats was unanimously poured out, and the Department of Homeland Security launched an investigation.

The New York Times said the plaintiffs’ statements could also be used to investigate the Department of Homeland Security, regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit.

(Photo=AFP, Yonhap News)


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