“Gap test for receiving remote lessons”… High school dropout became an option


“I thought it was better to study alone.”

Miss A (16), who dropped out of high school in May of this year, now wears plain clothes instead of school uniforms and attends classes in the classroom.

Miss A said, “The remote class didn’t seem to be progressing well and I was dissatisfied in many ways.

He said, “My friends around me also work hard at the academy instead of concentrating on school classes.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, among high school students and their parents who have been taking remote classes for the second year, there is a tendency that the ‘test after dropout’ becomes an option.

With the introduction of remote classes, students’ concentration and communication with teachers are low, resulting in low satisfaction.

In particular, it is analyzed that these career options have become possible mainly for high-ranking students as the proportion of on-time classes has recently increased at major universities.

According to the Korea Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation, among the test takers this year, 14,277 people (2.8%) took the ‘Gap test and other’ qualifications, an increase of 586 from last year.

An official from Jongno Academy’s Sky Education said, “The proportion of those who graduated from the GED is the highest ever,” he said.

An Etus Education official also said, “The number of inquiries about whether it is possible to register for a private academy after dropping out of high school has increased to about two to three times the level before Corona.”

You can easily find advice on these concerns from parents in the online community as well.

One parent said, “Non-face-to-face class materials are insufficient to understand the subject, but students must turn it on for attendance whether the lecture is helpful or not.” I don’t even go to school, but I often say that I have too many things to take care of, such as performance evaluation.”

Another netizen said, “The quality of school education is declining due to Corona and the risk of infection is high.”


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