EU applies ‘9-month validity period’ to COVID-19 vaccination certificate


The COVID-19 vaccination certificate used in the European Union (EU) will be valid only for 9 months before booster shot, that is, booster vaccination.

Accordingly, EU citizens wishing to utilize the vaccination certificate must receive a booster dose no later than 9 months after the second dose.

The European Commission, which is equivalent to the administration of the European Union, has decided to apply this validity period to the certificate from February 1 next year, and this will also be applied retroactively to existing COVID-19 vaccinations, German Divelt said.

The 27 member states can, in principle, exercise their veto power, but the measure has been voted on by member states and was mentioned in the results of the recent summit, so the EU Commission spokesperson said that it is unlikely.

How effective the booster vaccination will be has not yet been determined.

According to the EU Commission, EU vaccination certificates are available in 60 countries outside the EU, and 800 million vaccination certificates have been issued so far.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)

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