‘Controversy over son’s job application’ Kim Jin-guk and senior civil affairs chief resign


Kim Jin-guk, senior presidential secretary for civil affairs, eventually resigned due to controversy over his son’s job application that he wrote, “My father is the chief of civil affairs.” Chief Kim bowed his head, saying, “It’s totally my fault.”

Reporter Kwon Ran on the sidewalk.

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12 hours after it became known that his son had attempted ‘Daddy Chance’, Kim Jin-guk, senior presidential secretary for civil affairs, resigned from his post.

It was revealed that the 31-year-old senior son, Kim, wrote in his application for employment at five companies this year, “My father is the chief of civil affairs” and “My father will help me a lot.”

A high-ranking official at the Blue House explained the background for accepting the company, saying, “We must immediately respond to the emotions that the people will feel,” while confirming that Kim was not involved in his son’s application process.

It seems that the prompt action was taken in that it was a position in charge of discipline in public service, especially in that it touched the value of ‘fairness’ pursued by the Moon Jae-in administration.

“The son’s inappropriate conduct is his own responsibility,” said Kim.

“I have always thought that there should be no misunderstanding or suspicion, at least in relation to family,” he added.

The Blue House said that the appointment of Kim’s successor has not yet been discussed or planned.

Until a successor is found, it is expected that for the time being, Secretary Lee Ki-heon will act as the chief civil affairs officer.


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